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2~22~22 Portal is Open: New Beginnings, Power Shifts!

2~22~22 Portal is an energy that is wide open for new beginnings, inspired action to take form into manifested outcomes, and deep spiritual connections and communication to be heard and understood. A true gateway for incredible POWER SHIFTS to occur.

We are stepping into the gateway of NEW Growth, NEW beginnings, and NEW power.

If energy lately has been feeling stagnant, uncomfortable, and as though you literally want to jump out of your own skin, you are in good company! Light-workers everywhere have been feeling the resistance with current power structures. Especially those power structures of old, worn out lineages that require a fresh breath of air for the people now.

If energy lately has been feeling quiet, stagnant, and as though hibernation has gone on for too long, you are in the perfect energy flow today and into our coming moments! Our powerful 22222 portal has opened for game changing and inspired action to take form into our reality once and for all. This is the time and space of the Lightworker to take over in leadership. Lightworkers are uniting now and into the coming months to create a partnership in energy to turn our collective toward the the hope and the Light of Spirit.

The Power of 2's Explained

Numbers have connection to our sacred rhythm within our world and universal design. God knew that portals open on power days such as 2-22-22 on a Tuesday, where the collective could focus on the power of the 2's even if only by noticing the date. What we focus on receives growth, and when the entire Earth planet knows that we are living this day simply by noticing the cool feature of the date being consecutive 2's as in 2-22-22, the portal automatically picks up energy and power simply by having our collective focus!

2's hold a powerful energy of relationship with ourselves, others, and most significantly, Spirit. When 2's gather in this sequence, numerology would boil this pattern down to a "3" frequency by adding 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 12 ( 1 + 2= 3). Making this date a 3 frequency.

3 frequency is one of new beginnings and also resurrection power! The energy offered to us today will require empowerment of the people to use it and access the opportunities of the day that are offered. As in any offering from Spirit, free will plays a significant role in everything that we actually manifest. Therefore, when opportunity shows its self today, you have a free choice to act on it or not. Yet, with the power of this day and time, where you may have experienced road blocks before, there will be a "right of passage now" as the gates are now opening and "new power" is walking in for divine change. WE are the new power and the collective light that is being offered to our collective now.

2/22/22 Portal Prayer

Additionally, repeated 2's of this nature is an offering to speak directly and succinctly with Spirit and our angelic forces. If you have been looking to sharpen a gift of the Clair's such as Clairvoyance or Clairaudience, angels will be near when the speaking engagements, decisions, or influence is needed and necessary. Simply call up them for further assistance. Here is a prayer you can use or begin with as you call upon the angels:

"I call upon the angels and specifically Archangel Gabriel to assist me today in activating my mind, body, and Spirit in preparation for receiving the offerings of the 22222 portal now. Assist my vessel with noticing and activating when opportunities present themselves in this energy! Assist me with communicating the light messages I am receiving from Spirit. Walk with me in my spiritual growth today. Thank you, Angels for connecting me closely with Spirit. Thank you, Spirit for communicating with me. And so it is."

Fun and Meaningful Activities for 2~22~22!

1. Gather your Crystals for Personal Empowerment!

Unicorn Crystal of hope and inspiration. A combination of 5 powerful crystals in one!

Honey Calcite for deep energy healing and connection to creativity!

Make it fun! Let Spirit guide you to the shiny crystal beauties that amplify your intention of personal empowerment and activation! Go for it!!

2. Journal throughout the day.

One strategy I learned in the early days of my awakening and still use today is journaling when my mind sees opportunity and when it feels a sense of confusion. I simply turn to Spirit on the pages of my journal and ask, what are you showing me now, Spirit? I allow energy to flow through my system and onto the paper. It can turn out to be a written paragraph, a sketch, a mind mapping activity, or anything your heart desires. Spirit knows we are clicking in when we reserve a moment of pause for clarity and connection.

3. Cleanse and Clarify

We have all figured out by now that the more we carry, the less we can hold that is new. As the day winds up or winds down, let us reserve consistent moments for cleansing our own energy to receive what is new. We can begin this in the morning with a shower to rinse off all of the energy we are holding that is unnecessary. We can cleanse though out the day by drinking extra water and calling up Archangel Micheal for releasing:

"I call upon Archangel Michael to cut the cords of the energy that I am holding now that no longer serves my journey. Slice the cords from my energy system and assist me now with drawing in the power of the clearing white light energy. And so it is."

Finally, we can step into all of our learning and release the final pieces in a salt bath at night. Add favorite crystals and candles to add to the ambiance of your sacred bath time. Connection with self will be an integral part of using this portal's energy today. Create a beautiful moment as the day winds down and remember to add a little (or a lot of) salt to the bath water for a deep energy cleanse.

Blessings to all of our game changing Lightworkers out there! We love you and thank you for your service to our collective.

Written by: Krista Sevajian, channeled by Spirit with Angelic support. All contents shall only stay with you if your vessel connects. Please disregard anything in this informative post that your Spirit is not resonating with now. And so it is.

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