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A Visit from Grandma: A Message from the Other Side

She was mean, they said. She died long before I had the space and time to judge for myself.

The stories told when family members gathered were sparse when it came to my grandmother. And when she was spoken of, venom would spew. Everywhere. Her physical body has been away from earth for about 30 years now.

And so it happened, on the morning of a beautiful summer day, chopping away at the Celery that was going into my fresh batch of bone broth, feeling a sense of ease with recent decisions over my life and dis-ease with others, I heard her words…


‘Grandma?’ I thought. With just a few months of practice and learning (more) about my connections with passed loved ones, I felt surprised to hear this beautiful voice which I interpreted as, “Grandma.”

‘Whose grandma?’ I thought to myself. Who was going to share a message with me this morning? After all, the only one I ever called “grandma” is still living. The story may not be clear yet, but I have an uncanny ability of forgetting people, places, and things when I sense negativity around them. Call it positivity or ignorance, it has been a method of coping in this life, for me. So, I may have forgotten (until now) that I could have another grandmother to consider.

Through experiences, I learned how to speak with the sounds I hear. She sensed my question to her and responded immediately. She showed me a picture of my (still living) father, and the connection was made instantly. ‘She is the grandmother on the father’s side.’

“I am not here for your father alone,” she went on, “I am here for you. We did not have an Earthly contract together. I am here to support you now.” She showed me photographs in my mind’s eye depicting a story never told to me before her arrival on this beautiful, sunny summer morning. And I sensed in that moment that I would share it with many.

She showed to me a beautiful young woman running through a field of flowers. “That’s me!” She said. Much like an old time film strip, I watched my youthful grandmother laughing playfully in her early years of life. She wore a light summery dress so elegantly beautiful, which was spotted with tiny flowers, flowing down past her knees. She infused my body with the feelings of playfulness which is a deep rooted, core desired feeling of mine. Grandma had a message to share and I knew it was much more than what felt like in her happiest days.

Her hair, a darker shade of blonde, was curled and fell just past her shoulders. Her face was glowing and ready for life. A slender build, not at all like the pictures shown to me of her larger size before her passing. This is a signal that the woman that started her life ended it very differently. She laughed so hard and so frequently through this vision, that I began giggling and laughing right along with her. This was not the person that the family spoke of at all!

“What happened, Grandma?” She came to me with spirit, light, warmth, and joy pumping through her soul and now into mine. How could she be so misunderstood?

What happened next is very common when departed loved ones are welcomed to visit. They share secrets of their past lives that close loved ones may not necessarily know all about. The reason, I believe that God has opened this gift of connecting with passed away loved ones is to show us that the spirit is within all of us and our life experiences assist us with our soul’s evolution. I also see in visions that our departed loved ones can transition to the other side and continue their growth (there).

Spirit often shares a common message that “people create untruths in the stories they tell. The untruths can cause stagnancy and complacency.” Of course it’s not the people’s fault. After all, they may only have the stories they have been told, paired with the experiences they live.

My grandmother came to me on that beautiful summer morning to share the simple truth of her life.

She shared a truth with me, a long story that I wrote in this post and then erased completely as my guides reminded me that every soul has millions of stories to tell. Our souls begin life by choosing the perfect opportunities that if choice allows, the journey leads us to soul evolution and awakening. Her story involving sexual abuse, a death of a soulmate, the passing of her baby, and the difficulty opening to love, I shared in explicit detail with my father and his family. They evolved too with truths newly declared and disempowering stories released.

The essential message for all is empowerment!

And so your story will drive your empowerment and so my grandmother reiterated for us that every soul chooses their learning. In their own way, at different times, on different days. We all choose. It’s a matter of what we do with the learning that makes all the difference and transformation.

I could see on this warm, July day, that even though her physical body was no longer with us, her soul is still driven to share her message with all of us.

"Live life now, and laugh so hard it hurts. Allow the pain to process and know that it’s another opportunity to let the light in."

God bless us all, soulful ones.

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