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Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

During this time in our universal consciousness, we are all being called to feel our feet and remain firmly grounded as we walk forward into the welcomed changing times of our lives. Full Moon in Pisces is coming September 14th, which also serves as our long standing Harvest Moon, recognized by the sacred tribes of our ancestors. We walk in this lineage of recognition that the universe is serving us with the moon’s cycles. Much like the way a compass helps us with perspective of the direction we are traveling, the moon has served as a nudge for all who welcome it to move closer toward our soul’s evolution.

The Full Moon provides the blessing of release and renewal of what is tired and over played or out dated. The cycles humans become conditioned to can bring incredible healing while other cycles (habits) of living can provide immense and deep sickness. We have the ability to recognize cyclical behaviors now as this one, incredibly powerful Full Moon in Pisces energy supports acknowledgement of what is serving and is not serving our souls, as well as the ability to intentionally release it or intentionally continue forward with whichever path we may choose. We are being called to gently welcome the changes within our physical lives. As the acknowledgement occurs, may we choose never to damn our spirits by knocking down our self-worth because of the cycles we can now acknowledge, rather we can offer a helping hand to step off of the merry-go-round and onto steady, new ground.

Pisces, one of the most intuitive signs of our astrological system, calls us to listen to our inner truths and intuition as we walk forward into our futures. Pisces feels through the feet and feels her way through life, as we are provided during this heightened energetic time, even more assistance with grounding in the Root Chakra and blessed Mother Earth energy. We develop a natural confidence now to work through new challenges and discover unseen solutions. This is perfect timing as we will recognize the feeling that hope exists paired with inspiration that gathers in the heart chakra, which translates to confidence in the execution of the plan that is formulating in the mind’s eye. Trust what is seen as our guides are speaking and assisting all of us with direction and clarity during the time between Full Moon (now) and the New Moon, September 28, 2019, just after Autumn Equinox.

During this time of beautiful light and color, simply focus on the feet. If you fall, remember that if you can look up, you can get up...back up on your feet once more to continue the journey. Remain firmly grounded through the feet, feeling the earth just below, guiding one foot in front of the other. The sacred mother earth knows our rhythm and is working to get in sync with each of us. Sometimes the fall helps with that. Other times, taking shoes off and feeling the earth on our bare feet helps to reconnect our inner knowing to the alignment of spirit. Our feet carry a blueprint for the body, which can re-balance the out of balanced, out of alignment pieces of the physical temple. And typically when something on the physical temple is breaking down, it is a symptom that it is manifesting from a blockage inside the energetic chakra system. So throughout this blessed time of the releasing and restoring energy of the Full Moon, remember that the cycles of our solar system happen for a reason, and the universe coordinates all of it for our spiritual evolution. It is simply and purely a matter of choosing what we truly, deeply, madly want to do with it.

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