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Full Moon in Sagittarius

We must be willing to release what no longer serves to expand for what is waiting for us just ahead.

This is the power of manifestation and the full moon reminds all of us about our internal power of “letting go,” in turn for “letting in” what is waiting for us.

It may feel like trickery to release all the things that have been with us for a very long time, however, our infinite God has created us in such a way to hold onto earthly things rather tightly (via the ego) so that we could also experience the tremendous disturbance of what it can feel like to let go of the familiar. Transformation, changing, evolving (call it what you would like) can feel very uncomfortable, to the point that years can pass by us without any change at all. The universe has a beautiful way of coming around for us, even when our ego declares that they would like to remain safe “just a little longer.”

Full Moon in Sagittarius

Full Moon in Sagittarius paired with the alignment of other solar placements at the exact time such as: Saturn sextile Neptune, Jupiter square Neptune, Mercury conjunct Mars, Mercury opposite Saturn, Mars opposite Saturn, while Summer Solstice is also right around the corner, is not intended to confuse anyone, rather show us that the Earth we live with is one piece of a highly intelligent system, and only God could be so strategic to work with the energy of the solar system to help the people of the universe transform.

In a nutshell, here is one breakdown of all of the energy coming in as and what it is providing for the people that are realizing all of it. Beginning with the Full Moon being in Sagittarius, she is the sign of the traveler. The independent one. While this sign sees herself as independent and a traveler, she also longs for connection and partnership. It can be a tricky feeling desiring independence and travel as much as she wants and loves deep partnership. Understanding the energy of the Sag. will also help with interpreting the energy of this Strawberry (ripe for picking) Full Moon. Maybe you have felt a yearning for “new” or the sense that it is time for expansion by way of dream travel, actual travel, or beginning something new. And then while you get to planning and doing, you have been simultaneously feeling a tinge of loneliness. The whole point of this exact alignment is for the next level of transformation, empowerment, and expansion that is just ahead.

This Full Moon cycle and all the things that come along with the alignment as mentioned prior, is calling for big faith in the process of your expansion. Patience, slow and steady, making and creating with deliberate movement will pay off tremendously in the long term. To rush any crafting or creation at this time will inevitably and naturally fall to pieces as the energy surrounding us and in support of our expansion will ask us to turn to faith and surrender the commitment to the ego. Important, however, to remain focused on the passion in the soul that is fueling all of the change and growth to begin with. Write about the fire burning in the soul, as well as the vision entering the mind’s eye. Draw it out if you so desire. Dance to a song that loosens the loneliness during this voyage of change. Work with the energy during this process, because she will take her steady and deliberate time to come to life. There is no rushing what is destined to be, however, distractions have opportunity to enter if you wish to move at a faster pace than destiny. Remain loose and release what does not serve. Go with the flow, moving along with the steady, gentle current of divine creation. Remembering that if it seems quiet, lonely, or you are becoming bored, those are all perfect signs that you are in alignment because you are noticing the feeling and possibly understanding where the discomfort is brewing. All of it is part of the change process and the reason why having faith, while surrendering ego, is what leads us to the truest empowerment and transformation.

Remember, as we enter this energetic shift, that what is destined for us will not pass us. And if we slow down just a little, we will not miss it or pass it, because we will be more aware that what we were looking to manifest all along is here now.

May we “let go” (a little more) and let God to do her beautiful magic.
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