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New Moon in Virgo Meaning and Astrology

New Moon in Virgo, scheduled to make its energetic entrance on August 27, 2002, is coming through with a highly organizational, modest, and calculated energy of Virgo. This could serve as a powerful occasion for sorting, organizing, and gaining order and awareness within your life! Although a new moon is typically powerful for jumpstarts and also making leaps, this new moon will be powerful for gaining momentum to break through in relationships including the relationship you have with yourself.

Organization and accounting of all areas of the life wheel is important now! What can you organize and take proper care around in the following life areas?

Health and Fitness

Spirituality and Higher Connection


Finances & Career/Ambitions

Mindset, Mindfulness, and Learning

The aforementioned areas of life impact us all differently and at different frequencies. If one life area is becoming more out of balance than the rest, it may require a clean up crew to sort, or organize and care for it differently during this time of the New Moon in Virgo and into the full moon and Mercury Retrograde set for September 10.

Astrology Oracles


It may be the perfect time for assessing and supervising the daily rituals that take the time up within your day! The rituals and slogans you are currently using to define your life have become your present day reality. Ask discerning questions of yourself regarding the daily routines and habits you are currently living inside of on a daily basis. You may find that some of the old habits need overhauling for a new future.


Nothing is appearing to stop you now. Your creative center is opening wide and it is rooted into a "why" so deep nothing will stop you now. Your family, children, and love of your life are flying to the center of your vision, purpose, and mission and your dreams are wanting and desiring a full on launch date! Set deadlines for when your vision is set to come into full view!


Now is a time where memories of your younger years may be flying forward and into your awareness for a closer look. This may provide insight to why you react and perceive the world differently than those you love and care about. You may find that your family and friends find that you have an altered perception of reality. Keep in mind that some disasters require longer attention than what your current focus level can give before moving on. Pay closer attention to the clues others are leaving for you this month by watching their behavior patterns more closely.


Closeness with loved ones may have been your sincere priority as of late, yet you may begin to feel a shift in your soul to step out and shine into a new level of your lineage. You may begin to see patterns within yourself that may have been developed from learning behaviors from those you looked up to and admired as a child. During this New Moon in Virgo, it is perfect timing to review photographs and gaze into the reality behind the pictures that were captured. Where were you then? Where is Spirit asking you to go now? Now is the perfect time to focus on riding the two times with a rainbow for walking from one to the other and on into your truth and new reality.


Now is a perfect opportunity to organize all of your cash flow for complete awareness around the resources you have abundantly acquired or found "sitting around." You have stepped completely and fully into your abundant nature and you have learned that being Scrooge McDuck and counting your gold coins each moment simply causes scarcity mentality to become stronger. Instead, the energy at this time may find you simply slipping into a whole new level of awareness of your own cash flow so that you can grow your businesses, give more, and blossom fully.


Your life may be feeling like you desire a renovation! Please remember that you are built strong, steady, and perfect, yet your soul may be shifting and may have also learned some significant life lessons lately that cause a shift that is happening within you now. You may feel like giving yourself an energy upgrade in terms of appearance or self care! Go for it! Embrace your new reality fully! Your cellular memory is shifting and your DNA is upgrading! Enjoy the new and beautiful you!


It has hit! The moments that made you, changed you, and also the newer moments that cause tears and feelings to surface for awareness, healing, learning, and clearing. You may be feeling more isolated during this moment of your life and that is for a distinct reason. Your soul is shifting and growth is taking place in your life now. If everyone could crowd around you and help, you may miss the opportunity for this strength building and energy upgrade for the next stage of life that Spirit is calling you forward to step into fully.


Your friends, networks, and partnerships may feel like they have dwindled just a bit. This will not always be this way for long, yet for now this is a powerful time to reflect upon the judgement you put onto others before looking at yourself in the mirror. This is a powerful time to awaken to the stories you have told about others and the judgement that comes with dialogue that follows from your gossiping tongue. Now is the perfect time to hand over what you may need to forgive within yourself before moving on and ascending in Spirit. Write down the troubles that plague you and prepare now to hand it to God.


Explosion of business is destined to fall directly in your lap over the next 6- 12 weeks of time. Now is the perfect time to organize your processes and prepare for a business abundance flow to come through, If your processes and accounting is messy, you may have trouble handling the quick increase and may bottle neck and feel tighter than ever before. Use this New Moon in Virgo for organizing and sorting while balancing the books.


Meditation, dream analysis, and also study of synchronistic patterns through numbers may come forward for the creative ones during this new moon. Search for meaning and connection may be coming to the forefront of your life. You may be saying, "No!" with more certainty than ever before. Allow your body the time and space to process all that Spirit is giving to you to meet your current awakening needs. You are shifting on a massive level now and you may need some time, space, and patience to process all that you are experiencing.
K2 for deep Spiritual analysis.


Awareness is coming to you now about all of the primary issues that may plague what seems like a healthy partnership or marriage. Money, finances, sex, spiritual transformations, evolution of the soul, and awakenings are becoming the center of your world now because this is the essence of a full and tasty human experience. You may desire a ripe, rich, and meaningful life in these areas specifically. Now is the perfect time to map out what you desire and become crystal clear on what this looks like, tastes like, sounds like, feels like. Use your 5 physical senses first and then move into your spiritual senses of the Clair's (Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience) to fully grasp what it is that you desire most. Once clarity is gained, a road map can appear and the journey begins.

Caribbean Calcite Palm
Caribbean Calcite for Spiritual Clarity


Your gates are opening and your relationships may appear to be expanding. Your life is opening up and becoming full, colorful, and with an infusion of continual learning and growth. Spend deep moments in gratitude and celebration of your blooming. Blooming periods happen in phases and please do not miss this one. The nectar is sweet and the colors of this experience are brighter than you've ever seen before! You have begun a whole new chapter of your story!

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