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The Fortune Teller

There’s a longing to know the future. To be promised that everything’s going to turn out OK. But who’s to say there is any other option? The surprises of life that push us into transformation and soul evolution are the major contributors for bringing our spiritual gifts to life.

On the road (I’m still walking) of spiritual evolution, similar, repetitive cycles of learning continue to pop up. 'Here I am again! Geez!'

Think of it like this, ‘here I am (again) for where I am destined to grow.’ Every “fortune teller” should tell us that.

A recent experience I encountered with a beautifully old soul living in a teenager’s body was one that locked my learning into full on empowerment mode. I arrived at the young woman’s foster parents’ door, where I was requested to assist with clearing + cleansing the energy of the home. Minutes into my visit, the almost 18 year old girl, with hopeful, bright eyes asked if I was a fortune teller. In that moment, it all clicked in. An incredibly powerful example to clearly demonstrate (for me) the power that humans leave in their futures. Is living in the present far too dangerous? Destructive? Unpredictable? Uncertain? All of these? And what earth angel could have shown me better than a young woman, age 17, who has lived a constant, transient life in the few, short years she arrived on earth?

My answer: “No. No one is your fortune teller. Only you are. You see, intuitive people can guide you on the path where you are standing today. They tell you about the place you are right now. Because within the next second, you have all the power to make any move that you desire. That’s the beauty of it all. You hold all the answers to your own life. You are the fortune teller.”

That’s the beauty of it all. You hold all the answers to your own life. You are the fortune teller.

The cleansing of the home quickly turned to the young woman standing with me. She still had enormous strength in a few chakra areas which also produced evidence that she relies on those heavily. As we spoke, she shared her dreams of becoming a child psychologist one day, to help displaced kids like herself. I began feeling her crown chakra open wider as we talked about the connections from her past which cause her future self to sparkle in the role she is dreaming and envisioning. Healing approached her body as she focused on the hope of her own future, which only she could tell. In that moment, she reminded herself that she showed up at this time and place (today) for an incredible, brave, and courageous reason and she has strengths that will get her to her future.

The power of knowing where we’re going is the surprise party of our lifetime. We tend to have some idea that a surprise awaits us, yet the details are left vague until we are living in the present moment of our own party. Let us remember that when we finally show up to the party, we will party hard! Laugh and sing about the infinite wonders of our universe! Until then, a message to commit to our journey of today. May we focus all of our good jou jou and intention right here and right now with the promise that God has our destiny on lock. May we envision dreams for our future consistently, without fail, for that is another gift we have been granted.

And may we have faith that past experiences, grounding in this present moment, and the future are all part of an immaculate design to share our offerings with this beautiful world.

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