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Assists with connecting and communicating with divine guidance, the angelic realm, and one’s highest self.  Assists with communicating with Spirit and in accessing angelic codes of hope and intuition through the gifts of the Clair’s.  Particularly helpful in connecting and opening the gift of angelic speaking.  Wonderful for coaching, public speaking, and teaching. 


 Your beautiful crystal has been cleansed and infused with loving, healing energy.  Additionally, each crystal arrives with an intuitive gift for this phase of your life journey.


Your crystal gift is an XL angelite tumble, greater than 1 inch!

Chakras:  Crown and throat chakra


🧚Angelica influence, connections, and communication.

💎Supports and opens crown chakra to receive divine guidance.

🧚Peace to the soul.

Angelite Angelic Support and Communication Pocket Crystal

SKU: 009
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