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The passionate and magnetic crystal of purpose also honoring the connection with passed away loved ones supporting your human journey from the other side. Strawberry Quartz is the crystal of attraction, radiance, awareness, and purpose for living while also being carved in a synchronicity of nature, the bird for signs of support from the other side!  An amplifier of attraction for heart healing and rekindling one's connection to self. 


Strawberry Quartz is a beautiful crystal of self love and self worth.  Known to assist with self esteem and motivation.  


A beautiful crystal for attracting love and connections with your passed away loved ones while l iving here in the physical realm. 


Chakra:  Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra


 Your beautiful crystal has been cleansed and infused with loving, healing energy.  Additionally, each crystal arrives with an intuitive gift for this phase of your life journey. 


Cardinal Crystal Passed Away Loved Ones Strawberry Quartz Crystal Birds

SKU: 155
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