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Only 6 spaces per class session available for small group connectedness!

A small, intimate setting led by Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, and owner of Live True LLC, Krista Layne Sevajian!


Meet My Spirit Guides Learning Outcomes include:


The learner will dilineate between Spirit Guides, Angels, and Passed Away Loved Ones as shared through Krista from her connection with Spirit Source and Angelic Guidance.  Krista will encourage every learner to honor her own intuition before honoring the instructors' perspective of ancient and spiritual knowledge.


The learner will be able to experience a guided meditation, opening the opportunity to connect personally with your Spirit Guides.  The learner will be guided to strengthen her intuition and ability to trust inner sight and inner knowing.


Every learner will have the opportunity to share with community and will be rightfully honored in keeping learning within if one chooses.   We honor each learner and her walk home with Spirit. 


Class begins, Sunday, April 24, 2022 at 3pm EST, 12pm PST on Zoom!  All session notes and downloadables will be offered to you in advance.  For future sessions, if materials are required, they will be sent to your home in time for our learning together!  


We close every session with a personalized oracle with Krista or expert guest.


About the Instructor:


Krista Layne Sevajian is 39 and experienced her great awakening in 2015.  She spent 16 years in public education as a 3rd and 4th grade elementary teacher and in the final 8 years of her career, a public school adminstrator where she retired at age 39 to be a full time entreprenuer spiritual educator.  


Krista began Live True in 2016 as a life coaching business called Live True Life Coaching.  Krista guided Spiritual leaders to become empowered and authentic and to lead in their own Spiritual Giftedness and strength areas.  Krista is trained in the Desire Mapping model and also in Strengths Finder and has extensive experience helping her clients draw power from their internal strengths and giftedness.  


Krista is exceptionally skilled in building teams and organizational culture for complete turn-arounds.  She assists organizations with building strengths in team members and team culture for greater success in their respective areas and markets. 


Krista's Core Values run Live True and every decision made within it.  Her Core Values include:  1.  Love above all and compassion and forgiveness of self and other.  2.  Personal empowerment and 3. Authenticity.  Her vision for life and the company of Live True is:  Transform and Empower every life that we touch!


Krista's awakening led her to become a teacher within Live True and also a community builder on behalf of Spirit. 


You can read more about Krista's awakening here.  


When Krista brings on any instructor, every Core Value must align before connecting to your soulful learning here in Live True!



Meet My Spirit Guides Live Class w/Krista

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