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Quantum Quattro is the powerful crystal of 5 magical crystals in one! Quantum Quattro is a rare crystal of healing the heart and alignment. It is comprised of 5 crystals:


Malachite: Transformation and trauma release


Chrysocolla: A heart and throat chakra crystal for authentic expression and deep cellular healing.


Shattuckite: a crystal of the 3rd eye chakra and throat chakra for wisdom and divine intervention in one's life. VERY RARE


Dioptase: An activator of the heart chakra for compassion, love, and connection in business, relationships, family, and love.


Smoky Quartz: a grounding and stabilizing crystal for relieving on of grief spells and also negative energy.


A very rare crystal acquired by the soul that is prepared or transformation into one's divine calling and ascension.

Approimately 2.8 ouces and 3.5 inches tall!


Quantum Quattro Tower of Spiritual Giftedness + Purpose Alignment

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