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The incredible and magical 5 in one crystal named "The Unicorn Stone" for its unique make up and its magical frequency!


This crystal beauty is packed with 5 stones in one + Kunzite: Moonstone for intuition. Pink Tourmaline for light-filled, heart-centered protection. Lepidolite for complete mood-lifting, joy boosting third eye chakra enhancement. Smokey Quartz for transmutation of negative energy. Cleavlendite for enhancement of Spiritual Connection.


Kunzite is the crystal of love, emotional lifting, and happiness!  An opener of the mind to remove the veil that causes dense living patterns.  


54.3 mm and over 8 ounces!


we include a sphere stand with every order!

With the essence of magic this crystal holds, nestled inside of its sacred herbs, which it is housed and carried in, this is truly an authentically magical stone made for the Goddess to blossom into her TRUE, AUTHENTIC beauty!

A beautiful crystal to keep a light-hearted and magical moments alive!

Chakras: Heart, Third Eye, Crown, Root

Chakras: Heart, Third Eye, Crown, Root

Unicorn Sphere of Joy, Empathy, & Inner Magic

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