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Krista's Awakening

In 2015, still a native of structure and uniformity, my soul was calling (me) to release all control, my many facades, and the fear that I built around (this) young life.  On my final day of despair, I realized I had a choice to make. Either I would step with spirit into the light, or walk with Ego to the depths of darkness. This will be the gift of spiritual awakening.


God saved me that day in 2016.  My emotions so raw, I stepped into the shower (one last time) to cry so heavily I could no longer breathe.  “Wake up! Wake up! We’re here! Your angels! Wake up!” A miracle happened. My divine protectors showed themselves, and by the grace of God, my soul was awakened.  I made it. I was saved.


On the other side of discomfort, all the magic begins.  The extreme discomfort and darkest days of the soul revealed gifts that I was granted to use in this creatively, beautiful life.

Live True LIVES to help people heal through and feel empowered by their soul's evolution and the awakening process.  

The Vision + Mission

Realizing that life flows through a continuous circuit of energy connected by personal truths, the empowerment to teach and lead in the areas of healing, transformation, and empowerment came to life.  


The Vision of Live True is to transform and empower every life. 

Welcome to the space for strength building, healing, transformation, and empowerment.


The mission is to empower soulful learners to access the perfect tools for their space in the soul awakening process.  The opportunities accessible through Live True are ancient, natural methods for healing and empowerment.  

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