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222 Synchronicity

222 Synchronicity of Guardian Angel Support
222 is a synchronicity that is calling in Guardian Angels

What is Synchronicity?

Synchronicity is the sign of alignment and divine guidance. The recurring signs, known as synchronicity may flash into your awareness during unplanned moments of the day. Maybe it's realized through numbers, scents, specific songs, words, butterflies, cardinals, colors, and more. The moment that synchronicity is recognized, is when our guidance system appears to us for a message.

If you find yourself pausing with repeating number patterns or any other repetitive "sign", the next step could be to ask a question about the sign you see and then welcome in the messages that are attempting to come through beyond the veil.

Synchronistic patterns are the evidence in our Earth School that we are being divinely guided through life’s journey. They are tangible, recognizable signs that God’s blessings are being shown to show us and that the effort we demonstrate every minute of the day is being noticed.

222 Synchronicity and Meaning

When 222 is coming through in an extremely noticeable way and one we cannot miss for the oddity of its repetitive nature, first and foremost Angels are gathering to remind the see-er that you are surrounded with guardians and helpers. Angelic protection crowds your space and is extremely powerful and known at the time of 222 and often the first energetic download is the feeling of a warm glow of light that signals a feeling of support and protection. Next, a message is willing and able to filter through.

222 is a special sign of keeping the faith while taking life in stride.

222 is a special sign of keeping the faith while taking life in stride. 222 often shows its face repetitively when a human soul is requiring permission to rest, relax, or simply trust in God's power through one's life. No matter the twists and turns that come within the collective energy of the world, Angels want first to reassure you that your mission and vision is protected and honored.

If your life is spiraling with duties, responsibilities, tasks, or trials that you are choosing to keep silent and guarded, 222 could appear rapidly within your world as energy for calming and providing balance and love to your vessel. You may receive senses immediately before or after for scheduling self-care time or simply some time alone with yourself for prayer and meditation to permit love to enter your beautiful, yet mildly to wildly exhausted vessel.

Often our community sees repetitive numbers of all sorts everyday and on constant repeat. Your spirit team is shouting for joy that you have awakened and that you are in connection with your power beyond the veil. Angels and Spirit Guides want to ensure that they keep your attention long enough before another human downplays your giftedness and it is shut off once again.

Synchronicities of any kind will always be special to each individual see-er. Angels have a message, paired with your Spirit Guides for helping your soul with accessing Spirit in a more simple and connected manner. Create pause (even for just 10 seconds) to request of your Spirit Squad to show additional truth behind the synchronicity that you are noticing now. Spirit will enjoy this intuitive dance with you. Trust your instincts above all else because your first "hit" is correct! Trust it! The more you build this trust and sacred relationship with your Spirit Squad, the more your synchronicity and intuitive hits will come in transparently and can be easily interpreted!

Angel prayer for synchronicity
Call upon the angels for additional clarity around any synchronicity you receive.

A Note from Krista

Every message is channeled through Krista from Spirit. Allow for only truth to settle within your heart and never permit wrestling to occur with any intuitive article you are reading. If you are wrestling, it is not your truth today and in this moment. Simply relax and exit the conversation and follow the feeling with, "angels, I call upon you with guiding my awareness now."


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