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Dream Amethyst, also known as Chevron Amethyst is a connector of divine intuitive connections and the physical world.  A beautiful helper with igniting one’s 3rd eye chakra and opening up to intuitive assistance, emotional calming, and sweet dreaming.  When Smoky Quartz is included, this is a powerful crystal for lifting long spells of grief and sadness. 


Dream Amethyst is known to help one put practical steps into place based on intuitive downloads that are received.  Hold a crystal such as this for master healing and emotional calming and wellness.


Each tumble is about 1 inch in length.


Every Amethyst heart comes with an information card. 


Every Live True Crystal Order comes with a brilliant intuitive crystal gift and a special surprise!  


Chakras:  Crown, Third Eye and Heart Chakras


💜The great healer! Place an amethyst bedside or under the pillow for restful dreaming and sleeping. Assists with emotional balance and with health and wellness. Third eye chakra support.


Your beautiful crystal has been cleansed and infused with loving, healing energy.  Additionally, each crystal arrives with an intuitive gift for this phase of your life journey. 


Dream Chevron Amethyst Pocket Crystals of Intuitive Healing Connections

SKU: 0020
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