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The perfect pocket crystal for dream manifestation and nurturing your vision to life! FlowerAgate is a nurturing stone which puts an emphasis on the energy of one who is dreaming of a new calling or a focus toward helping the people of the world reach their own highest potential! It’s energy ignites passion to pursue dreams!  The perfect gift and crystal for the rising entrpreneur!


Chakra: Sacral and crown chakra.  Depending on coloration, each piece will alig specifically with chakras that vary in energy and color.


 Your beautiful crystal has been cleansed and infused with loving, healing energy.  Additionally, each crystal arrives with an intuitive gift for this phase of your life journey. 


Each piece intuitively selected!

Each piece is 1-1.5 inches

Flower Agate Pocket Crystals of Sacred Dream Weaving

SKU: 0069
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