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The stone to awaken Magical and Mystical Abilities!  Assists with protecting from psychic attacks!  Known to enhance clairvoyant giftedness and help with clear intuitive insight.  Labradorite is perfect for opening and cleansing the third eye chakra.  Stabilizes the auric field and promotes mental healing and wellness.


Psychic protection and the stone of the clairvoyant!

Helps to build strength and persevere and works with the third Eye Chakra for clarity and foresight.


 Your beautiful crystal has been cleansed and infused with loving, healing energy.  Additionally, each crystal arrives with an intuitive gift for this phase of your life journey. 


Chakra Support: Third Eye Chakra



Labradorite Pocket Crystals of Intuition, Protection, and Mental Healing

SKU: 0034
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