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Hand Crafted with beautiful explanations with every crystal!

Super 6 Crystals for Amplifying the Lightworker and their healing and divine energy!


Quantum Quattro-5 (not just 4) crystals in one!  Rare and ready for the awakened healer and lightworker for healing the healer!

Smokey Quartz-To ground and proteact the sacred see-er and intuitive healer

Tourmalated Quartz-for keeping thought patterns connsistently accurate and positive!  What we think and imagine, we bring about quickly!  This crystal is highly protective and supportive.

Icy Lavender Amethyst- Clarity & Intention for amplified healing & ancient wisdom

Black Tourmaline-Transmuting the "muck" into miracles!  The crystal of alchemizing energy.

Crazy Lace Agate-Wards off the evil eye, and maintains positive energy flow in the healer!


6 crystals with defined purposes and energies to assist those with capturing their own spiritual happiness and prosperity! Also a beautiful pouch to house the crystals. 💜. Each crystal is hand selected and chunky in size!

Lightworkers "Work Your Light" Bundle

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