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Become a Team Member!

Become a team member with us!  Our Core Values are 1) Love above all, 2) Authenticity, and 3) Empowerment.  Our vision is to transform and empower every life we touch.  

Apply to interview and work with us here at Live True!  We are currently hiring for all positions including:

1) Personal Assistant

2) Packaging

3) Website management and upkeep + inventory specialist + inventory photography.

Each position can be crafted and molded to match your personal strengths which every team member will have the blessing of taking a strengths assessment when you work with us!

We will continue to expand our team!  We are looking for inspired humans ready to step into their full potential while working with us at Live True.  We desire to build a loving team atmosphere where we honor each other while also encouraging each other to step into our full potential. 

Please leave your information below and provide your to three strengths and or talents!

We will begin interviewing immediately!

Live True LLC.

1250 Gompers Avenue

Indiana, PA 15701


Thank you for choosing to apply at Live True!

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