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Angels' Guidance through The Power of the Clair's

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

The days of judgement are rapidly coming to a screeching halt. The people of the world are now realizing there is so much more involved with living than keeping each other small. A time of cleansing and newness is here and the programming of the old is so wickedly outdated that the souls of the world are screaming for revival, purification, and strength to overcome the smallness of the past, and to surrender to the massive expansion of energy that is intended for the next level of awakening for the people of this earth, and the patterns of the universal design.

Our divine guidance is hard at work building a communication system so that we can hear, see, feel, taste, smell the direction they are guiding our physical temples. Instead of looking to friends, family, or anyone else for immediate direction and feedback, or the gossiper who is known for stirring up worry or drama, we are now shifting to the awareness of our divine guidance and learning our individualized communication patterns with them. And Angels and Spirit Guides promised us at the beginning of time, that they would support our earthly mission and would work tirelessly to help us notice the protection, love and direction that God is intending our souls to go.

All people have forms of the following Clair’s and can either choose to expand or silence the gifts in this lifetime. It is through the Clair’s paired with endless synchronicities that our angels and guides show us they are present and helping. Which Clair shows up for you most often as a sensitivity and strength in your everyday living?

For example, If you are sensitive to loud noises or are startled easily by sudden loud or small sounds, you are most likely able to access Clair-audience rather efficiently. The sensitivity can come when the Clair is out of practice. Once the Clair begins to strengthen as angels speak and their messages are acknowledged, like any other muscle, it will begin to work with you and guide the steps of the earth journey.

Those that suffer from frequent headaches have closed down their cognizance ability. Many cognizant gifted people attempt to stabilize their physical form with alternate substances such as drugs, or another mind numbing controlled substance. It is only a temporary fix however. The greatest remedy for a cognizant mind that turns overactive when unnoticed or unacknowledged is meditation.

Those suffering with anxiety attacks, or feelings of anxiousness are often the ones that are highly gifted in clairsentience. Clair-sentience is often correlated with the feeling of rejection which triggers panic attacks from the fear of “not being accepted by people.” With the deep feelings that come with the clairsentience gifted ones, they tend to ingest sugars or other numbing comfort foods to handle the processing of the feelings that can not necessarily be proven with objective measures. I can promise you this however, the gifted Clair-sentience ones can heal by grounding in self care and self love before they can ground in a group’s approval rating.

And so the clairs go on in this way. Sensitivities in the different senses are our signals that our angels will work to signal us through that channel. So now the only position we will need to take for the clear support is to remain open and clear.

Angels and guides are forever supporting and continue supporting our divine journeys. Our angels and guides share infinite wisdom with us through our clairs and then confirm or reaffirm what they have shared with us through the synchronistic patterns of number sequences (222, 1111, 333, 1222, etc.), songs that synchronistically come up on a radio station, animals of the earth that appear in our sights (cardinals, birds, butterflies, deer, etc.), colors, pieces of art or scripture that shows up in a repetitive way, and more. All of this to prove that even with the changing of the guard, the changing of the time, the changing of the groups, the changing of standing as the one brave soul that decided to choose life (which you have if you are reading this) then you are forever guided, supported, and loved and NEVER alone.

So, keep going, loved ones. Keep reaching, star gazers. Keep quiet, once gossip lovers. Keep at it, warriors of the light. We love you and are forever in this together.


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