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Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio Meaning & Astrology Oracle

Full Moon in Scorpio + Eclipse on May 16, 2022, is centered and focused on forgiving yourself for the depths of experiences you have learned through and to release what you may have or have had deep, earth-bound attachments to on this Earthly plane. Over attachment to people, places, and things can cause progress to cease and the ability to move beyond impossible! Why is this important to us now? The energy of this moon cycle is supporting the realignment or new alignment to the destined path and plan of your own soul's contract.

full moon eclipse in scorpio

Scorpio, the astrological sign of tenacity, intuition, passion, a sleuth-like nature, obsessiveness, envy, possessiveness, and even the dark realms make up this Full Moon energy paired with an eclipse which is all about letting go. Scorpio gathers power from the psychic and emotional realms and is extremely clairvoyant and intuitive as noted by Aliza Kelly of Allure.

To understand the energy of the Full Moon, we can learn more about the energy of the eclipse that is happening during the Full Moon in Scorpio.

“This is also a powerful time for letting go or releasing anything that is owning your soul in some way from progressing and moving beyond or ahead in your destined life plan.”

Eclipses that occur in conjunction with a Full Moon can bring upon events that are important to one’s destiny unfolding. This full moon eclipse time is a perfect opportunity for mindfulness and reflective practices about your life in the present moment paired with where you see yourself going next. This is also a powerful time for letting go or releasing anything that seemingly is owning your soul in some way from progressing and moving beyond or ahead in your destined life plan.

As you begin stepping into this power Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio energy, take a look at your Astrology Oracle. Before I begin writing any Oracle for our readers, I pray to access angelic guidance and work directly with Archangel Gabriel to assist with the light-filled written expression to help guide our collective during this powerful and energetic time.

Full Moon Eclipse Astrology Oracle andCrystal Picks!


There have been untouchable topics until now. Exposure of hidden conversations, financial decisions, or realities within the people that are closest to you may emerge and express themselves openly now. While discomfort may enter, insist on finding your center as they show their true colors. What happens when you do is that truth can be recognized, revealed, and spoken about for healing to occur at a rapid pace. The events, opinions, and realities that were not discussable and worth conversation and head ache before will want to show their faces now. There is no fear to be held as the listener or the one living through this time. You can learn plenty now and assist with transmuting the topics to the healing space for release. This can provide clarity moving forward in financial abundance, sexual pleasure and connection, clearing debt, and more.

prehnite crystal


Partnerships are gaining the attention of the Taurus now. What have you been holding onto between a connection with another that might have caused you to wait rather than act on your next steps? All of this is open for assessment now! Your body, mind, and Spirit may all be gathering energy for the release of needing an open partner to move forward with you on your dreams and for accepting your own self worth. The Full Moon energy may be calling you to let go of what you thought you needed to move forward. The reality is that the partner you have been waiting for can not see the vision or live it like you can, so now is the perfect time to begin by propelling the dreams you have forward on your own. Those that want to come along will. Those who do not will show their true colors to you quickly. Notice the truths when you see them, beginning with your own potential and capability.

pink opal hearts


Gemini, you may be finding that you have lived in a rat race of life for quite some time and now your eyes are opening to the reality! Perfect timing! On an eclipse of this nature, you may feel called to release the habits of living that have trapped you inside of a life you no longer enjoy living in this way. What habits are causing frustration, sickness, or too much time away from what you love doing and feeling inside? Gather those first thoughts together and prepare to release during the energy of this full moon! Just as important is that you will begin noticing where you feel most magical, in your flow, so you can walk in your authentic glow. This is your truest energy in connection to the divine source and this is now what you have the ability to welcome in, in place of all of the outdated behaviors that have been lived repeatedly and excessiveley.

opaline crystal moons for far energy


Now is the perfect time for letting go of the way love, play, and pleasure can be interpreted, controlled, or understood within your own mind and world. During the full moon, you may feel like the lid is blowing off of the way you once defined these areas of your life. Playfulness may show up unexpectedly and spontaneously- seemingly out of nowhere. Love, it may come crashing into your world in a way that can break through the stubborn gates that refuse to open without the proper passcode. Pleasure may come in new ways that never had permission before. The point? Let love in! Let passion in! Let play into your world! Literally open the flood gates to the unexpected variants that no longer can fit into the rule set that you have given it which has under performed in your life. Give yourself permission now to love, live, and play inside of your beautiful and passionate world and let go of the chains you visualize keeping you from accessing your birthright! The eclipse full moon is prime real estate and energy for doing so.

flower agate for dreaming


Leo, you are taking on a new role in this world, and within your own family. You have begun seeing beyond the mess and transmuted it all into your message. Your family is propelling you into a world of learning and growth and simultaneously, you may find yourself redefining, disowning, reopening, and releasing the pieces and people that have had great influence in your life to this point. You have a settling coming where you begin realizing it is all a part of the divine plan and a piece of your destined road. On the other side of pain comes great reward when it is encountered and honored while being handled the way a lion or lioness would. Throw away, release, and let go of what you typically avoid for a calm day to occur and little discomfort to exist. A bit of chaos and disruption in the short term can cause the unhealthy settlement to unearth for a long term gain within your new creation.

pyrite crystal for abundance


You may feel a deep calling to be heard during this time and energy! Your voice is warming up for expression so you can make some progress forward on various situations that are pending now. Allow yourself to build trust (with you), confidence(with yourself and abilities) , and stability during this time of the full moon energy. Where your voice once became shaky, it may take on an unexpected steadiness while angelic support and divine intervention will be coming forward to ensure this happens fully and completely. Now is the perfect time to lift roadblocks that have been set down to keep you nestled inside of your warm comfort zone. Now is the exact moment where educational resources, opportunities, and supports will make themselves known to you as your mission plows forward. This Full Moon in Scorpio is all about staying true to your destiny while embodying the energy of confidence to follow through with important dreams and areas of your life.

Amazonite and Smokey Quartz
Amazonite + Smokey Quartz Puffy Crystal Heart for Protection & Throat Chakra expression!


You may have felt in financial flow lately and that is because you are in flow with finances and wealth as a physical form of obvious manifestation. You may feel jolted into taking it all to the next level during the Full Moon in Scorpio! To take this mindset and ability where it is capable of thriving, your comfort zone may have issue with that and your ego may rear its less than satisfying head as you step out of the comfortable space you have found yourself sitting within. The discomfort is a sign that there is adequate upheaval occurring for the next level of breakthrough, however, it may come with an ounce or two of pain. Pain is a great symbol that you have permitted the process of breakthrough to go to full form. This is a wonderful time to release whatever it is that may hold you back from making the entire leap out of what you have always known and into the purposeful journey ahead that you are destined to live! As you go, remember the paths you’ve walked and how far you’ve come in this life! You are to be applauded and honored. Begin by recognizing and loving yourself! You are worthy of what you desire and dream.

honey calcite crystal


Now more than ever, you may be assessing the way you are coming across to others. This may begin with your own appearance and the way you dress yourself when you move from space to space within your own life. Beyond your appearance, you may also begin to analyze the way you are presenting yourself to the world in terms of radiating in your authentic energy versus the way the personality that you thought you needed to act like to impress or win over the people in your present social circles. Now is the time where you can soulfully choose to make decisions for yourself from your natural instincts and around the pieces of this life that cause you to feel inspired. This Full Moon in Scorpio, you no longer need to dive into the depths of analyzing another and her reaction to you for the sake of acceptance. In fact, you may feel the energy of exhaustion and defeat every time this old behavior comes up! This could turn out to be the perfect time to audit who you are spending your quality time with and choose whether or not it can receive YOUR stamp of approval. The seal of approval can be stamped when you know you can be your authentic self and feel inspired to live fully and openly!

fire quartz gossip dispelling crystal


How deep are you willing to go? Now is a time where you may find yourself in darker dimensions to discover long, lost pieces of your beautiful self. It may feel hairy and scary, even filled with internal monsters, yet now is the perfect time to stare fear straight in the eyes to realize it is tamable, manageable, and transmuteable. It is the perfect opportunity and time to wrangle the beasts that take over and steal the joy from your days, weeks, and months. The full moon eclipse is made for challenging the fears by confronting them head on. What is plaguing your soul that stops a happy streak in your life suddenly and abruptly? You may have trouble identifying the origin, but you can at the least identify that the energy exists and that it is there to manipulate your own happiness. Give it away now. You can say, “whatever this is, I hand it over for release now! I call upon Archangel Michael to handle this fear and darkness I feel. Wrangle it, tie it, bind it, and release if from accessing my body now. And so it is!” Our angelic team is here for you, powerful one!

Selenite plate for crystal and energy charging


Flourishing friendships, bountiful partnerships, and limitless access to resources is waiting for you, but first an audit must be done to pull out the weeds growing within your social circles. There are diamonds hidden among the overgrowth within the friends circles you have been finding yourself inside. Now is the perfect time to release negative friendship interactions, social circles that bog you down, and the idea that you cannot connect enough with the right kind of people to gain the resources required to make progress. To gain access to the healthy relationships in your life, it may be time to pluck the weeds. Now is the perfect time to pluck what is no longer working in your friendships. The full moon eclipse is made to give it all away and return the dead and dying, unhealthy pieces back to the source for healing. You are ready for growth and for prosperity. Spend intentional time cleaning out your garden to make room for healthy friendships and connections to grow.

Golden Healer Sphere for chakra cleansing


You’re breaking free! Congratulations! The chains that found you bound have been cut, and the confinement no longer exists! Here’s the crazy part about conditioning, comfort zones, and confinement. We become used to them and it can feel like home. You may not even realize or know what to do with your new life and breakthrough. During the full moon in Scorpio, you may find yourself in anxious spins of heart tightness, anxiety streaks, self doubt, and mini doses of self sabotage. You are a conditioned being, and the old patterns may have been kicked to the curb, yet muscle memory may still attempt to behave in old ways. As you feel the heart tightness, mind fog, overactivity of the mind, or fatigue, begin writing down what you are wanting to release now. Full Moon Eclipses are perfect for giving away what no longer serves your soul’s destiny and journey. Keep your eyes focused on the prize. It’s all yours!

Citrine for confidence


You are reaching for the light, focusing on life purpose and beginning to discover that everything is connected in some way to a higher form or cause. Allow yourself to go slow and provide yourself with quiet spots throughout the next couple of days to receive messages in the quiet. When we slow down the pace of life and connect with our own energy, we can receive more intuitive downloads and understanding about the way our world is opening up and the way that the veil is being lifted. You are beginning to see clearly now and are able to decipher code that you never knew you could before. Enjoy this time as you begin seeing your truth, and the authentic glow radiating off of others. Now is a time to trust your intuition deeply and to follow your vision and arrow.

Rituals for the Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio

1. Sort your Space. Give it love and then purge.

Now is the most ideal energy to sort through with mindfulness what you love dearly vs. what you may be holding onto out of scarcity mindset habits and programing. Begin with physical items you can touch and move. One by one, make a "keep pile," a "giveaway pile," and a "throw away pile." With every single article, give it thanks and love for its journey with you and allow it to filter into its proper category. Remember, that which you feel needy to keep owns you. That which owns you now rules you. Take into account this energy when you come upon it.

2. Write a Letter

Scorpio energy is the perfect space to begin forgiving yourself. Write a letter of forgiveness to yourself. Say everything in the letter you would never share out loud or with another. Next, put the letter in the fire for its rising and rebirth and thank it for developing your soul as you now let go of the pain intentionally. Visualize releasing burdens and weight off of your shoulders and from your lower back, which had carried the baggage for far too long.

3. Schedule Pause + Quiet

Remember to pause now and for the next two weeks a little more often than you normally would. With Mercury Retrograde and the Eclipse energy, you will begin receiving information quickly if you can slow down long enough to hear it. Schedule in daily 3-15 minutes of pause, meditation, and quiet time. Allow your vessel to connect with the intuitive information waiting for you now. When we pause, we have an opportunity to hear Spirit speak directly with each of us.

Thank you for joining us once again for another Oracle message! My name is Krista Layne and you can find us every week on our Crystal Live Shows or in your inbox with fun new crystals and information!



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