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Authentic Truth

Faking it Sucks. It sucks life right out of spirit. On the journey to authentic truth, it’s easy to spot the posers while calling out the gossip queens as we soulfully stepping into the courageous arena of inner truth. Because we have most likely lived there (in the spaces which we criticize) at one time or another, we rail against the shadows that beg to surface, which hunger for being released to the light.

The lies, labels, and conditions for mitigating fear (which don’t work anyway) are exactly what is being wiped clean and cleared through the journey to truth. And as we walk this path of inner truth for what feels like the first time, moments can feel ugly, dark, and downright depressing. Love yourself hard the whole way through and keep in mind:

There’s an innocence in authenticity.

No force or false claims, only truth.

Living and being true to the God that is,

Who is the storehouse for this sparkling being of light.

There’s an innocence in authenticity.

There’s vulnerability in authenticity.

Revealing the truth of spirit.

Risking judgement while baring the soul.

Revealing deep, hidden desires,

and surfacing of taboo sadnesses.

There’s vulnerability in authenticity.

There’s gratitude in authenticity.

For showing up exactly as designed,

despite the gossipers and naysayers.

Now, giving more souls permission,

Modeling authentic strength.

There’s gratitude in authenticity.

There’s so much love in authenticity.

Attracting more souls to their sexy, authentic truths.

Deprogramming the repetition of lies told in affirmation.,

Loving unconditionally the mess,

As the corners of spirit declutter the human conditioning.

Spirit’s truth is revealed after the clearing.

There’s so much love in authenticity.

God is authenticity.

The LIFE that gives my true spirit wings.

The SONG that gives my true spirit voice.

The PASSION that sets my true soul on fire.

The LOVE that connects my true soul to the God within all of us.

The REASON for soul evolution.

God is authenticity.

Journaling With God Prompts

When we show up as authentically true, we give others permission to be true too.

Ask yourself as you write in your journal, or walk and process:

What area(s) in your life do you change about yourself when you are with people?

Who can YOU be exactly YOU with and why does that work in that relationship and not the others?

What holds your spirit back from being you in all areas?

What’s one area you can clear today and decide to be truly you?

Think of the relationships in your life and the ones that you dim your light for fearing judgement. What is one truth that you can live today to shine as bright as your soul was intended to shine?

Release Limitations Ritual

Now write all of the limitations on one piece of paper and hold the paper over a sink. Light the paper on fire and declare, “I now release the programming of lies. I release all of you now!”

Manifestation Ritual + Soul Speaks Ritual

Next, write down the truth that replaces each lie that you set ablaze. Write them beautifully. Use word art to clarify exactly what your soul is authentically stepping into. Hang the truth of spirit near your altar or sacred space. Maybe even bedside.

Permission granted to be truly, beautifully, authentically YOU!
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