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Boundaries: Permission Granted

I can never be enough for you, no matter how hard I try, if you are not enough for yourself already.

“I am enough for myself. And if you like me too, that is just extra.”

Now you know my boundaries.

Negativity decreases my mojo, so I may hang with myself for a few days and go “offline.” Positivity and love is what I give myself and much like recovering from an illness, my body requires restoration after a negative binge. I will come back when I feel strong again. Old friendships can have new chances when I do or I can visit them in prayer with gratitude. Either way, I receive love and extend love.

Now you know my boundaries.

Spilling every detail of drama from our personal lives with anyone who listens is the opposite of boundary setting. The souls listening may not be able to responsibly handle their own information let alone yours. When bringing beloveds into the sacred circle, and sharing the inner rhythms of the soul, with gratitude, acknowledge the level of inner trust you have developed in yourself to share the threads that hold the pieces of you together. Pray over the information, that when shared it brings souls closer to their inner truths. Ask for God’s guidance as the heart space opens to become vulnerable in another soul’s presence. Pray, “Allow the information I share to build up the world and spread the power of unconditional love across the land. And if it does not, may I learn to audit the information I choose to share in future moments.” And so it is. We become closer to souls by selectively sharing our life’s moments. And if you feel the timing is not right, listening to intuition will always steer you in the perfect direction.

Now you know my boundaries.

I teach the world how to treat me by how I treat myself.

Now you know my boundaries.

The more one says, “I haven’t seen you in a while,” the more I sense the guilt that one has learned to use to control me in an effort to be enough.

When one says, “It’s so good to see you!” I sense the gratitude and communion that we are about to enter together. I honor my senses, space, and time away or together.

Now you know my boundaries.

The more I show up in my authentic truth, everywhere I go, the more I give you permission to do the same. I accept myself fully and unconditionally for who I am by being me.

Now you know my boundaries.

Without boundaries, we stew sickness in others by showing them their ability to build inauthentic power by having false control over our lives in some way, while having less control of their own.

When we honor our own boundaries, we give others permission to heal by honoring theirs.
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