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New Moon Eclipse in Taurus Meaning & Astrology Oracle

New Moon in Taurus + Eclipse is centered and focused on "breaking the chains" of scarcity of material wealth and expanding financially and securely as we focus our intentions on building the collective with our love-centered offerings. Taurus, the astrological energy of comfort, earthly stability, mother nature connections, and values is igniting a transformation of wealth and prosperity in our lives now in relationship with the new moon + eclipse. One physical comfort we can know and become aware of is that of monetary wealth. As noted by Yasmin Boland, author of Moonology Diary 2022, "Taurus is represented by the bull, which happens to be the symbol of Wall Street, so if you want to make some changes to your finances, this is the month to set your intentions around that."

New Moon eclipses are a sign of additional opportunity and energy to make positive changes in your life! What could you set your sights on now to enhance with positive energy and change? Focus around your heart chakra during this New Moon in Taurus + eclipse. Spirit loves responding to the energy of the Core (heart) Values. What is it (events, relationships, art, advocacy...) that causes your heart to flutter and fly even higher? What sets your passion ablaze? What opportunities have you been afforded throughout life to gain access to this feeling?

On the New Moon + Eclipse: Grab a paper and pen, journal...something to write on, and begin this ongoing list between now and the new moon! See more ritual information below.

This is the space where all entrepreneurial successes blossom. The space of this igniting feeling found inside of the heart!

Live True has intentionally attracted entrepreneurial-minded, soulful creators set out on a mission to add love to our beautiful collective by offering their spiritual expertise through art, chiropractic care, counseling, consulting, teaching, food, natural health care, self-care products, reiki, and more! When we focus on our areas of talent and strengths during this New Moon in Taurus, Spirit will meet us there and grow our heart-centered gifts even more brightly and boldly while creating them as a self sustaining and thriving business that can feed the world more love!

Twice monthly, I sit with Spirit and channel the energy of the space each of us are sitting within during the New Moon and Full Moon. I have been naturally attracted to the energy of the moon since I was a child and even more, the energy of our astrological signs within them. I channel positive, motivating, and inspiring messages to assist the readers with accessing and igniting their inner soul's expression and rhythm. Thank you for joining us today on our blog space. You can scroll down further to access your sign and message.

Channeled Oracle Messages By Astrological Sign

+ Crystal Recommendation for Inspiration


What have you been holding back to cause your light and wattage to dim? You are meant to come THE WHOLE WAY OUT now! Shining at your full wattage is the theme of the New Moon in Taurus for Aries! Shine bright, beautiful one and express your talents while releasing the feeling that you ought to hold back even just a little. You are meant to cut the chains that have held you bound and less brilliant to fit in with everyone else! Now is the time to shine as exactly you and when you do, you may even recognize that you are becoming a brilliant attractor of wealth, health, love, and the sense that life is just working out in your favor. The universe is aplauding you for considering this dynamic step. As you do, all divine support will be meeting you there and will most likely stretch you to grow into your strengths even deeper. If the ride feels uncomfortable, it should. You have not yet experienced this level of your own expertise yet, but now is the time to go there.

Pyrite Pocket Crystal
Pyrite Pocket Crystals for Abundance and Prosperity of Wealth


You are now standing up and into your truest self. Authenticity glows within you and you cannot help but to be noticed by the world around you. Be aware of narcissistic humans that become uncomfortable with the Taurus authentically gaining the spotlight. Simply watch and learn. Their actions will speak volumes while you radiantly glow and grow your following. There is nothing more influential than one who consistently walks in her authentic glow with light and purpose. There is no stopping you now. Remember, as you walk through this doorway into your new world, we cannot carry people on our backs to force them through with us! They must choose or not choose to come on their own. Now is the perfect time to break the bonding and tight elements that desire keeping you within their own status quo arena. You are soaring into the next star system. Your authentic soul's journey is no longer willing to give you free choice to stand still in the matter just to remain comfortable for another day. There is too much brilliance ready to be discovered within you now to submit to the comfort zone.


You may discover yourself wondering down a path that you are typically wired to overlook or ignore. Noticing how the world is operating and responding around you may find you going deeper within yourself now to ponder what you have so quickly chosen to look over and move beyond. The truth is presenting its self to you now. This is your chance to be set free in it. What you have been avoiding wants to make its appearance for your own soul's awareness so that you can find yourself on the outside of this invisible jail that you have recently found yourself trapped inside. People, places, situations, and circumstances have been over looked and now require your attention. The good news? Release for positive flow can come to you now! The social circles you are finding yourself inside will need to be tested to ensure that their energy is not drawing you down and underground. Your dreams can literally become buried with the small-minded social circles we find ourselves inside. During this new moon, allow your vessel to open your eyes and see what has been hidden away in the darkness. It is then that it can be transmuted and sent to the light for release.

Selenite Palm Stone
Selenite Energy Cleansing Palm


Life is lifting and so are your connections with others! Friends, family, and business partners will seem like they are blossoming all around you now! Your heart is light and airy and rest has found your vessel in a space of true abundance and prosperity with relationships and social circles! Be open to what this time brings forth inside of you with friendships, business relationships, and romantic connections! This is the perfect time for manifesting a magnificent match with a love interest! Energy attracts like energy and yours is high vibe and ready for more fun! You may also find yourself in the seat of connecting people to each other for future partnerships to grow and transpire. This is putting forth beautiful energy into our collective that can only draw in positive karma and good fortune for all involved in the bonding of the unions you are placed in the center of now. Cancer, thank you for using your sensitivity in regards to relationships to build the love in our collective. Spirit is smiling and meeting you in this high vibration! Only incredible outcomes are to follow.


You are finding yourself in defining moments that will demonstrate for your awareness how you will be making your mark on this world while you are here. You are being called through your strengths to express yourself now and to come exactly as you are with your knowledge, experience, and spiritual expertise inside of your heart. You are ready to make a splash for the change the people of this earth plane have been requiring! You may notice more consistent signs pointing in the direction of the way people see you, access your knowledge, and also how people are requesting of you spiritual contributions for teaching the world about what is coming next. Embrace this and focus on centering in your root chakra to keep your feet firmly planted in the ground. Allow your body to be supported by Spirit rather than peoples' compliments of your ability and what you have accomplished. Spirit has more work to do with you, so you may as well not get caught up in the fanfare. You've only just begun. You are about to make your mark.


Some moments may find you the whole way out in the world and extre mely social and some moments may find you going the whole way in for deeper reasons for why we are all here navigating this life and world together. Now is the time when you may find yourself tucked away, curled up and in connection with our infinite source of knowing. You are preparing and capable now of receiving deep dive downloads that will resonate with the land and the people. Settle into this awareness that is coming to you. The knowledge may startle you at first for its accuracy may cause you to lift the veil that has been over your eyes even more, but sit with what you have discovered just a little longer than anticipated. Connections will soon be made and great inventions, offerings, and written material can be crafted from what you are discovering now! Prepare to reveal more magic in your life!

Unicorn Therapy Palm Stone
Unicorn Therapy Palm Crystals for Inner Magic Initiation


You may be finding yourself diving into the rabbit hole of joint finances, missed financial opportunities, and also the way happiness is transpiring in your own life. All of these areas are a chance for incredible opportunity! You are about to uncover a deep hidden gem within yourself about limiting beliefs, constrictions, and stabilizers you have put into place to keep the comfort zone around you just a little bit longer. Now is an incredible time to assess your relationship with risk and to invest combined wealth, finances, and ideas with partners in new ways. This is the perfect time to talk about what your money is funding and not yet growing. Now is a powerful time get your money invested and working for you, yours, and for the creations for our collective that will expand love and light throughout it! Use this dynamic energy to break through mindsets and actions that have your cash melting into nowhere. You are about to turn nothing into something truly prosperous!

Green Moss Agate Towers
Green Moss Agate Towers for Mother Earth Energy Connection


You may feel an extra tight bond with your partner during this high vibrational energy. Allow the energy to wrap your awareness of your deep seeded love in another to the love that can now translate to yourself. The relationships in your life may not be feeling deeply fulfilling or always as deeply love-filled as they do right now and that is why love for self is integral for managing and nourishing your own vessel even when other humans cannot show up and demonstrate what you desire from them. Use this time to cultivate a relationship with yourself that can open your heart to more love and less expectation of others and the ways in which they are required to show up for you in this lifetime. Now is a perfect opportunity to use the energy of partnership you feel by appreciating it and also saying to yourself, "I am worthy of deep love, beginning with loving myself deeply."

Angel Aura Posket Crystal
Aura Rose Quartz for Angelic love


Now is the perfect time to give your daily schedule, routines, and habits a complete and thorough quality check! How are you spending each day and where do you find your time melting away to when a conscious focus is given to the way time is used in your present life? During the new moon phase, you may find yourself inside of a breakthrough when it comes to time, systems set up to help work run efficiently, and also actions that can be taken to orient your life to yield even more of the desired outcomes you have been dreaming about for a long time! Get started by journaling your time consumption as it happens for you. Much like a food journal, it will assist you with understanding how it feels like you never have any time left to put your dreams first. Now, begin a priority list with tasks that draw you closer to your dream. Be unwilling to waiver from what is priority now that you can realize what is happening. Time is actually on your side! And when it is used with authority, your biggest dreams will be coming to life for you quickly!


Love is in the air. No matter if you are already in a committed relationship or have been desiring the love from a partner, now is a beautiful time to radiate the energy, radiance and love from the inside out. Your vessel may be feeling and picking up on more vibes of love and attraction than it normally does feel. You may plan a romantic evening with your partner to reignite the flame that drew you together or create this opportunity to spend with yourself to feel even more like a love magnet! Now is the perfect time to plan a few evenings with the people that cause love to expand in your life! When love is present, our energy feels even more infinite and able to do and be whatever we are dreaming.


Now is time where you may be finding unexpected and deeper connections to your home and family life. Tiny turnarounds and awareness of the amount of love you have in your immediate circle could cause an increased amount of gratitude and commitment to what matters the most in life. This is to say that the small, yet tiresome events that cause life to feel rocky and unsteady may take on a different, less important energy now. Create moments where your mind, body, and spirit can restore because you are now able to see the incredible love you have in your life and all around you.

Kunzite pocket crystals
Kunzite Pocket Crystals for love and compassion.


You may find yourself in the midst of opportunity to travel, gain access to a new opportunity that draws in additional income, or even networking with people you see often, but at just the right time. You are heading into new spaces which will open up new awareness of your giftedness. Give yourself extra time to journal, meditate, and connect with the insights that are coming to you now as you are opening these doors. You will be able to tap into a portion of yourself that you have not seen or heard in a very long time. Maybe even since you were a child! This is an ancient wisdom you have carried with you for lifetimes that is opening up (again) inside of you now! Enjoy the flow and by all means, remember now to access it when the times call for it to come out and play!

Rituals for the New Moon in Taurus + Eclipse

1.Create Positive Energy Flow in Your Home, Office, or Living Space

We can attract more flow and the intentional energy that we want to live within more often when we are conscious of the way we are handling and maintaining our own living spaces. Live True and other beautiful businesses wrote a portion of Redfin's latest blog post, New Beginnings: Cleansing a New Home to Invite Positive Energy into Your Space. Live True, and other energy experts wrote a piece to assist with attracting the positive energy to yield positive blessings! During the New Moon in Taurus, open your windows and begin to release the stagnant energy.

During New Moon in Taurus is the perfect time to declutter, and introduce fresh, new energy!

2. Create an Altar, Display, or Intention about Increasing Prosperity

Create a special area of the home or sanctuary for inviting positive energy for expansion of finances. Some fun and intentional tools you can add to the intentional area could be:

Or...Simply allow your vessel to guide what feels prosperous to you!

3. New Moon Meditation

You never have to wait for a new moon to initiate a powerful meditation for yourself! You can do this right now! However, on the new moon, you can invite powerful information to come forward through your Spirit Guides.

Relax in your quiet, meditation space and take 3 deep breaths as you invite the white light in through your crown chakra at the top of your head, and allow it to run the entire length of your Chakra System. Let it carry any debris you may be holding onto in your energy field. Now invite your Spirit Guides to meet and talk with you about your new awareness and next steps on this journey of new beginnings!

Chakra System
Chakra System from the head, down to the bottom: Crown(white), Third Eye (Indigo), Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral (Orange), Root (Red)

Join us on our Live True Lives every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm est.

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