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Full Moon in Gemini

12/12 @ 12:12

Ground your heart center for this one. The Full Moon in Gemini on 12/12/19 beginning at 12:12 am ET, will provide us with our one, final, massive cleanse and recharge before the immense energy of the 2020 New Year is here. 2020 will shower us with gifts of “the new” and manifesting abilities recognized. During this final full moon of 2019 on 12/12 at 12:12 (Angel Number 12121212), the gifts of the Gemini’s communication skills will be present for us all to harness and leverage for our next steps, meanwhile, every individual will experience something a little different so that our pathways of spiritual growth and evolution can align to our soul’s calling for this next wave of energy coming in.

The standout, obvious occurrence of the numeric pattern of 12/12 @ 12:12, can be brushed off and sent out of the mind by being defined as “a coincidence,” or we can squeeze even more juice out of this fruitful experience of the December Full Moon as we dig into the synchronistic, energetic number patterns of repeating 12. Sacred geometry and number patterns are proven to have helped form this earth and for this article, we will remain precise and focused on the energy of the Full Moon in Gemini on 12/12 @ 12:12.

12 holds the energetic patterns of promoting spiritual growth and soul awakening. With the number quadrupled (12121212), this energy is amplified for propelling us even further into our truest calling as we serve our soul and the souls of others during this physical walk with life. We are all shown now that we are on the right track and to release limitations or fear that becomes loud or distracting to the manifestation of the dream. Stay steady, steadfast and focused. Selectively partner only with those that help to expand your personal strengths and those who bring forward their own personal strengths naturally to assist with the areas that we are still building stronger. As we are supported divinely every second of every day, we can also be promised that divine support will be sent in the form of walking, human, earth angels. Souls will continue to come forward as we are all being called one way or another to step into our truths and to bring our gifts and dreams to life. Be selective, however, and ensure a “check-in, check out” process occurs with the souls who have access to the rights of your dreams. When the soul feels nurtured with partners, continue, and when the soul pings with skepticism, walk ahead with caution and discernment. With or without partnerships, we are still being called now to walk forward to the dream resting in our hearts and mind’s eye.

Our dreams will begin taking flight, and we will recognize that our internal and external lives are shifting too. As new patterns of living emerge, old habits of living will begin dying allowing relationships to take on a new look. Partners, friends, and family may not feel “ready” or “prepared” for the “sudden” changes (that by the way, were not so sudden), and can cause our heart chakras to begin closing and fear to settle in once again. Recognize the old ways and this time continue forward and keep the heart open with very clear boundaries as the shifting continues.

A quick reminder that “like energy attracts like energy.” And as your new level of energy begins to emerge, they have a choice to meet you there. Your old ways were serving all of them to a degree, and now we are called to serve ourselves and heal our way to wellness.

When we learn the rhythms of our own souls we will begin noticing our reliance on validation, confirmation, and need for advice from friends, family, and even strangers. Now we can have more opportunity to go within for guidance from spirit, which is where the truest power of manifestation will take form. This is alignment and this is integrity. And all of it will have the opportunity to multiply as we teach our brains to listen to spirit first and request that the energy of this synchronistically, magical Full Moon in Gemini take the lead and in turn align our energy to the flow of its assistance.

So how do we do this? While the Full Moon takes its course, we are called to deliberately and thoughtfully formulate as many positive responses to situations, events, and people as we can. Words have the power to multiply things quickly. When we change our words (which hold energy too), our lives begin to change. Notice when complaining begins spiraling, or negative thought patterns multiply causing words to be spoken that feel loaded with low energy. Now that you are looking for it, you have the ability to quickly and swiftly remap the conversation by noticing (out loud) the learning and reframing what was said with something positive that can be taken from it. If this, in real-time, feels rather difficult, it is probably because it is a brand new practice for your physical body. It was hard for me 5 years ago also! Consistent practice and promises to the soul to work through it was the key. It will get better and you will get much better at this the more you practice! Now is the perfect time to begin.

Second, continue to expand the heart chakra by keeping your heart open. If you notice a tightness in the chest because you are closing your heart, begin the practice of deep breathing. Inhale (through the heart) and exhale (through the heart). Obviously, your physical body is breathing air through the nose or mouth and exhaling from there too. Now, visualize the air that you breath coming into your heart and expanding the energy center. The air can also serve as a light, which can fill a dark, blocked chakra center. This can help dislodge the “thing” blocking and cause release. When we feel rejected from friends or family because we are taking care of ourselves better, we can fall back into old ways and feel anger which simply builds a wall over the heart so nothing more can get past. This is a defense mechanism that now has opportunity to rework itself simply by setting an intention to do so.

The whole purpose of this soul-awakening time is not so God can put you through physical hell because of all the things you’ve done wrong in this physical life, rather, to validate that you are turning onto your beautiful pathway to manifest the miracles that are coming over your soul!

In the final days of this 2019 year, we are given the opportunity to recognize bits of the larger picture that is to come in this new 2020 energy. Retrieving our inner truth while learning to listen to our inner callings will help for us to see and know the way. Even if Anxiety can be felt a little more now and the habit of wanting to control outcomes rise, remind the entire physical body to breathe deeply and ground deeper. Turn to the sacred pages of the journal and write down the surfacing of the old ways and command them to clear. And by all means, focus! Focus on the truest calling and the biggest dreams singing within the soul.

For more information about healing, transformation, empowerment, or strategies, contact Or find us at or @livertruehealing.

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