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Full Moon in Leo Meaning & Astrology

The full moon in Leo is an incredible time for releasing the need to control the world around us. The full moon in Leo is occurring at a divine time to ensure that our energetic shifts are persistent and a permanent agreement. No going back now. Spirit has the next 6 months already laid out for each of us, therefore we have found ourselves in the perfect energy to identify the areas which we call our addictions or our continuous set backs for final releasing and clearing now.

February 16, 2022, Full Moon in Leo

What is resting just beyond the habit that feels like it is setting you back with your own progress or breakthrough?

The full moon in Leo comes in divine timing! Read on for your own personal channeled oracle reading by astrology sign! Once your are finished with this piece, consider scheduling a full moon walk the morning of, or the evening of the full moon in Leo. Silent walking is a form of meditation with Spirit. Listen and receive your next space of clarity.


Tuning into your heart is the message of this full moon. Tend to the matters of the heart for a final release and a statement of gratitude for the journey you have been on with "it." When the heart is freed of this burden of baggage that has been carried around for far too long, it will feel lighter, happier, and freer! Expansion will begin to happen. Your heart will radiate and attract even more love than you could have imagined before with the help of the healing process offered by Archangel Raphael. Relax and rejoice once this release is through. You are about to receive a tremendous amount of love into your life.


It is perfect to feel like a homebody at this time. You are in perfect timing! As you settle into the cozy moments that are accumulating in your life, allow a moment of reflection before the day begins. Underneath the surface of this appealing offer of calm and quiet sits a few pieces that could begin growing life and bacteria. As the moments are sweet, allow the body to recognize the areas that are beginning to get covered up and ignored. What can be offered (even if just a little) for release that if it were no longer ignored would feel like it could possibly shake up a seemingly perfect world? Pick away at this a little at a time and begin to build momentum and courage within to face the reality of the situation once and for all. Little steps done consistently build great momentum over time for massive change! Allow yourself to begin looking and seeing this now.


You are learning a whole new language. The old way of communicating and using language is making way for the new. This will not be a painful turnover or takeover, however, your vessel is realizing that the old communication styles and methods you had become accustomed to really are not getting you as far as they once have. Now is the perfect time to learn a new art of communicating and advocating for your needs and your dreams. This may involve increased moments of solitude, one on one dates with yourself, or planning a lunch with a friend that pushes you to look at life differently than you normally do. You are stepping out of the comfort zone you have found yourself in for a long time and it will cause much needed changes to occur inside of you as well as with the various partnerships you have within your life. Prepare to release to the Moon.


Your mind, body, and spirit is developing a whole new perspective and relationship to money! You literally have acquired the energy to realize that money just isn't a thing of worry, strife, or lack. Money is a an abundant resource that physically demonstrates the power of mindset and inspired action. Now is the time where old patterns of familial thinking and financial planning (or lack thereof) are being tossed once and for all into the fire. The language of money management or money mindset no longer suites the overflowing and abundant Cancer! Congratulations on your consistent effort and mindfulness! Spirit is extremely excited to test your limits and increase your own human vessel's potential! Happy Full Moon, Cancer!


Drop the facade, Leo! The world is ready to see and feel the brilliance of your authenticity! Prepare to release the burdens and pressures you have been holding that no one really knows about. Now is your time to let go of the worry monsters, boogey men/women, and haunting tales of your life to the fire for healing, clearing, and release. The world is ready to feel you fully and to see you shine brightly! With the universal support on your side for the alignment of another clearing phase, you are primed to let go of it all with more ease and finality. Get ready because the world is about to experience Leo like it never has! Authentic to the core and fiery with passion and purpose.


Now is a time for cleansing the physical vessel for releasing burdens, addictions, and fears that have taken ahold of the body. What have you been living with that has been nagging you and upsetting you because it has started to take over your world? Here is the perfect time to target it for submission and clearing. Whatever was coming at you, towards you, or nagging at you was/is an energy system that matched the energy that possibly you found yourself in more often recently. Focus now on energy lifting activities such as prayer, meditation, green foods, reduced alcohol intake, increased exercise routines, and salt baths. Above all, keep thought patterns and language regarding your own life of high vibration and positive. The law of attraction works no matter what we say or do. What we fee, think, and speak about, we bring more of whatever that is to our lives.


Social circles are forming and your influence within the circles are taking flight! This is a fun and fierce opportunity to gain momentum toward the causes you care about! Libra is a balancer, relater, and listener which builds strength in relationships of business and personal life. Consider the traction that can be made during this time as you can intentionally plan to be a part of social scenarios where shifting and change can begin to be made. You will be a key element in the change process. Consider creating a plan for the personal homestead too. Are there areas that have needed more tending to regarding relationships and partnerships? The energy is on your side with this! Now is the perfect time to release habits that have caused relationships to grow stagnant. Replace those old habits with one outside of the box idea to watch a shift that could begin happening to create more closeness and intimacy.


It's your time to dream and believe in the dreams that come to your imagination. Now is a beautiful time to look at the frustration you have been feeling about your current job status, employment, or system that you are working within. If you have been feeling disgusted, frustrated, or simply bored of doing the work you are currently doing, Spirit is guiding your awareness toward what lights you up on the inside. When you notice the vision, write about, create a vision board to bring the thoughts onto paper, and create a quiet space to meditate to clearly view what is being shown to you through your mind's eye. Now is the time for dreaming. Release the need to be firmly planted on the ground with your head out of the clouds! God is waiting to connect you with your destiny.


A human's search for meaning. Sag, you may be going through a time where you are beginning to notice why life has worked out for you the way it has. Now is the perfect time and opportunity to tell your story brilliantly! The power one uses to tell their story brilliantly often matches the brilliance of one's own life they end up living within. Create your story now. Rewrite it. Clarify it. Add supporting details, and above all, create the mighty and courageous victor that came from the story you tell which is YOU! You are blossoming and broadening your scope of life. Toss in the fire the old beliefs you once had and the details from the old story that are no longer relevant to share or tell anymore. Your life is beginning to see new horizons, new lands, and major opportunity. Your energy is up-leveling and your life is too!


The full moon is a powerful time for releasing and now is the perfect time to begin handling some of the uncomfortable, and self inflicted situations you may have found yourself thinking about or bringing about. Certain topics may have been off-limits to talk about, yet all of those at one time may have been presented through life circumstances and a grounds for feeling incredibly uncomfortable and out of sorts lately. If you are feeling this now, the energy presented throughout a full moon's cycle is made for clearing and transmuting this into our own power. How could the uncomfortable topics be used as a strength once the mind faces the discomfort? Now is the perfect time for facing those stories and releasing beliefs around topics of finances, intimacy, religion, and physical wellness to the fire for clearing and renewal. Renewing the stories around major life areas is one way to use the power of this full moon energy now. New perspectives can set ourselves free.


If you have been desiring close relationships and intimacy at this time, you are right on time with the full moon and the house you are currently finding yourself in. What have you been yearning for in human partnerships that you have been waiting for your whole life? Consider now how that translates to the love and tenderness that you have offered yourself. When love for self and trust in your own human potential grows, so do relationships and connections with other people. Begin with you. Before seeking something or someone else, begin shedding the treatment that you may have given yourself all of this time. Hand over to the fire the burning of negative self talk, mind chatter that told a negative story about yourself, or the ignorance you embodied regarding your own feelings and intuition. Replace the treatment with loving counter behaviors. Stop the story once it begins in your mind by noticing it when you see it and saying aloud, "Stop it now! That's not even true!" Then immediately tell the story again in a loving light to ensure that you are honored and loved. Be consistent because over time self love, confidence, and self-esteem will emerge and so will loving connections in your own life.


Now is the perfect time to regain focus around your health goals! If you set a resolution regarding healthy living, this is the perfect energy to check back in with yourself and reorient your sails a bit. Shifting into a cleaner way of eating and living will also be beneficial to access new areas of your highly intuitive vessel. Connect your healing journey to a cause even bigger than yourself. Imagine what can expand within your own realm of living when your physical vessel is at its maximum sensory potential. When our bodies are bogged down with fatigue, blocked energy systems, extra weight, or addictions we have more difficulty accessing our intuitive giftedness at its optimum level. Now is the perfect time for sitting by a fire and assessing the goals you have made around your health, wellness, and intuition. The energy present now is in support of clarifying your gifts and releasing anything that is holding you back from using them.

Next Steps

1. Create a Fire for Relaxation, Reflection, & Release

Be gentle with yourself. If you work during the day, set aside 20-40 minutes in the morning or evening to being quiet with yourself. Gazing into fire is a beautiful and ancient method of clearing the mind space and allowing intuitive vision to come forward. If you are able to actually release written statements by burning them in your fire, go for it! If not, you can place the written releases of life in your God Box or "give it to God" by reading them aloud and stating, "clear the habits/behaviors/beliefs with me and from me now, God."

2. Give it to Spirit

A God box is a sacred space where intentions and releases are placed to "give it to Spirit." What we are are willing to release to Spirit can prosper or be let go of depending on our own direction and intention behind the giving. Place a slip of paper stating an intention or a release and pair it with a crystal or trinket that matches your intentions for the placement. Close the lid, and give to Spirit.

3. Write Through the Energy

No matter how you begin your own writing, whether it be gratitude statements, with a journal prompt, or simply pen to paper, getting out on paper what's been gathering inside the mind and body is a powerful method for tapping into our own inner Spirit and creator. I work with Dr. Melanie Obitz-Bukartek with her extensive research and application of her founded work of Unhindered Writing, who I have asked to guide my understanding and inner nature in connection with the power of writing. Writing hasn't always come easily for me, yet I have learned that the power is within me now to simply begin writing. Keep it simple, unhindered, and consistent. No need to wait for a full moon. Allow writing to become a piece of everyday life.

4. Salt Bath for Cleansing the System

Salt baths have the natural ability of detoxifying the body and releasing toxins just by lying in the salt bath. Salt baths are an incredible way of healing energy by assisting the physical body with balancing pH levels, providing increased energy, and also by calming joint and muscle pain. Salt baths also assist with what can be more difficult to measure. Salt baths assist with clearing the chakra points within the body. Resting in the bath for 20 minutes and verbalizing statements for releasing can physically loosen blocked energy points within body. Crafting a full moon bath is a powerful method for releasing what no longer serves the vessel on your Spiritual path.


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