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Mercury Goes Direct: 3 Check Points to Move Forward

Mercury goes direct on February 4, 2022. Before moving on, we can offer a moment to check in with our vessels today. As 2022 was welcomed in, so was the first Mercury Retrograde of the new year. Transformation, discomfort, and consistent communication breakdowns may have occurred, and now is a perfect time to reflect on the past three weeks so that our vessels can move forward in growth and creation for the Springtime that is just ahead!

As you settle into the new direct energy from the universe, here are 3 checkpoints for moving forward, clearing, and growing into who Spirit has destined us to be in this lifetime. Every checkpoint is paired with a prayer for activating our angel army on behalf of our healing as we move forward.

Checkpoint 1: Review the Wreckage for Transmutation

While "wreckage" is an overly dramatic term to describe what may be just a bit of discord, our bodies sometimes interpret seemingly small things as frustrating, compounding moments that draw in extra negative energy. The compound effect of negative energy can add up over three weeks and burst into a grand finale of destructive behaviors that come out all at once. Whether this was demonstrated in private or public, Spirit is offering both of us a chance to review it and put it back in its proper place and size. Perhaps what we have made to be a mountain, is really just a molehill that we've tripped over one too many times. Let us call upon the angels to help create a proper picture once again of the encounters we have lived through during Mercury Retrograde.

"I call upon Archangel Ariel and Raphael to assist me with visualizing a realistic perspective of my decisions and my life now. Help my vessel in healing my emotional body, physical body, and spiritual body now as together we transmute the energy to the light for healing, clearing, release, and renewal. And so it is."

Checkpoint 2: Tell your powerful story.

As we walk this Earth plane, we can find ourselves on long stretches of flat and easy roads to navigate, and also on the highest mountain tops for great celebration and victory! There's nothing like a great win! Yet, we all know those moments where we have found ourselves in the valley looking up at the peak of the mountain top, wondering if we are ever destined to make it there. Just like in Checkpoint 2, we may be collectively finding ourselves in a feeling of desiring and wanting to move on and up with our lives, especially after all the tiny scrapes that added up to bigger gashes then we ever intended on having during this retrograde time. Every scar comes with a story. The power of the story is where our freedom is found, or where we find ourselves trapped behind bars.

Walking is a powerful vehicle for meditation and mindfulness.

What is your powerful story? What story can you tell to the audience about your minor slips and falls that lead into a triumphant awareness and an open field ready for your future? Tell it now! You could share it with God inside of your journal, say it out loud during a gentle walk with Spirit, or visualize your body walking through the powerful gates of victory toward the destiny you have been dreaming about because of the physical, mental, and spiritual strength you have acquired! Congratulations on telling a powerful story about your adventures with Mercury Retrograde. You are the victorious one.

"I call upon Archangel Gabriel to come into my awareness now and assist me with crafting powerful communication and words regarding my victorious life story. Assist my mind with settling as I access spiritual truth from my Highest Self, through my gifts of Clairaudience. And so it is."

Checkpoint 3: Move ahead with clear intentions.

Here is our opportunity to face forward and visualize an intentional and inspiring future for ourselves.

What will you do next?

What has been in your heart for years, months, days, or just minutes?

What dream was made known to you recently that desires your attention now?

Visualizing your most incredible life paired with intentional statements centered in the feeling you desire most is the magic within manifesting and the law of attraction.

This is the perfect time to be intentional. When a visual of what you desire comes into focus, inspired action can take hold because the intention was placed into your awareness. What we make important to us, we begin to notice more often. Review the intention and craft a vision around what is lighting your heart up with passion!

"I call upon my angels to clear my channels of the Clair's to bring forward inspiration, synchronicity, and opportunity to walk in alignment with my destiny now. And so it is."

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