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Mercury Retrograde: The Sacred Solitude

Mercury is the planet of communication, and when it turns retrograde, it’s like a song going into a remix. Mercury turning retrograde is like God playing one of our favorite songs in a remix fashion. Lyrical masters, God being one of them, can make the remix version even more appealing than the original arrangement of the song.

The Universe is calling us to take on a new rhythm of life. One where we are guided to dive deeper, arriving at the truth of our spirit’s calling and to do something about it. There is nothing more motivating than the feeling of discomfort to move us right on out of the comfort zone that we have found ourselves.

Within the last two months of coaching, a consistent pattern of change has surfaced for each of the people. A change in relationships, work, home, vision, perspective on life. It is true that a massive amount of people have received or have been forced into a change in their lives within the recent months. And that was just the news to begin the prep work for this next level of transformation. With Mercury going Retrograde right on the edge of the shifts in the lives around us and within us, the next phase of transformation is about to take its course. While amping up the intensity of our spirit’s calling, we are now being drawn in closer to our truest path and destiny. Shall we thank the discomfort that is in store for us now? Our future selves will be ever so grateful as we look back on this transformative time from her enlightened perspective.

As Mercury, planet ruling communication turns retrograde, words will come out with an extra bite and in turn may cause people to go into isolation for fear that they can say ‘nothing right at all, so why even try.’ In this case, God’s remix is doing its beautiful, divine job. With a massive rebirth just ahead, the people shifting must have their time in their private incubators which can help guard this new birth vigilantly, nurturing her like a mother to her newborn baby.

The world that saw us as we were will not necessarily know what to do with us (right away) as the newly transformed ones. This is why miracles such as Mercury Retrograde exists. When the world becomes more and more uncomfortable with arguing and misunderstandings about words misspoken, or language comprehensible, they too begin to shift. This time and place is calling for the greatest change yet! And we are all in this together. That’s the best part. There will be no soul left untouched. One way or another, we are part of the one collective and this massive shift will be touching us all.

Our second cycle of Mercury Retrograde for 2019 began July 7th and turns direct July 31st. Mindfulness brings us closer to God and assists us with handling pain and discomforts that arise naturally because we live here during this time. Activate positive rituals for listening to spirit. Possibly choosing the go-to meditation. Doubling prayer practice. Increasing gratitude rituals. Writing in journals and channeling spirit to speak rather than listening to the miscommunication of others around. This is our time of going within and living in sacred solitude so that we can finally listen to the one, true source that will never steer us wrong. Spirit.

Retrograde or not, she is forever with us and ready to be heard.
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