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New Moon, Big Dreams!

The color of the season is matching the vibes of the New Moon in Capricorn arriving December 26, 2019. One day beyond the Christmas holiday, the New Moon is in Capricorn which is calling us to draw in the color of ruby red even deeper and ground in our natural abundance of spirit. Capricorn is a sign that enters this world with heavier than usual karmic debt to clear early in life. This can cause the Capricorns to bypass childhood activities and head straight to the seriousness of adulthood.

All of this energy is a sign to the rest of us, during this New Moon, we are capturing the energy of the manifestation power of new projects and activities paired with seriousness and focus of the Capricorn energy to execute tasks and check them off of our lists.

While we may desire a dose of fun and child-like wonder, that will all eventually come along with the blessings that come with manifesting the big dream and with an extra jolt of energy just before the miraculous 2020 New Year! This New Moon is all about execution and literally gathering the ducks and putting them all in a row so that we can take inventory and in an organized and methodical fashion, propel forward with our dreams that will come!

Capricorn is also the money manager sign and one that is consistently storing away money for later. A little dose of this, just a little, can go along way! Stashing away money without any sort of investment plan is actually a poor and scarcity mindset however, what we know is that a little stash for immediate purchases for the dreams that will come is important at the start. Capricorn and New Moon energy is helping all of us business starters see that the flow will come with less overhead (debt) at first and in fact multiple streams of income into the New Year so that we are never slaves to the dream, and rather in the flow of it.

On this New Moon, we shall prime our spirits to harness and focus on building and strengthening the root chakra. The root chakra is the first chakra, located at the base of the spinal cord, right beyond the tailbone. The color of the healthy, happy root chakra is ruby red, just like Dorothy’s Ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz. The root chakra is the energy center that assists with self-esteem, stability, abundance, wealth, and the feeling of “home.” When the root chakra is out of balance, it can cause feelings of low self-esteem and scarcity mindset around health, wealth, finances, and relationships. In order to maintain healthy chakras, consistent healing salt baths, color therapy, crystals, and above all prayer and meditation can help with clearing the blocks that formed over the course of lifetimes.

The good news? We have extremely natural energy pulls in the New Moon in Capricorn, to harness our ruby red root chakra energy and make something of it! We can intentionally set out to harness abundance in financial outcomes and execution of million-dollar details in the planning process of the dream! All the while, lovingly we shall take care of our physical temples like we would nurture a newborn baby!

Next Steps before the New Year:

*Cleanse the entire chakra system with up to 3 healing salt baths a week. Live True Healing Apothecary makes a blend that consists of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salts paired with therapeutic grade essential oils and herbs. This will help the body to release toxins which aid in clearing energy blockages.

*Prayer and Meditation: Prayer and meditation can take on many forms and can be done anywhere. Pray directly to the source for guidance and clarity on the matters of the soul and the answers from spirit. Ask to be shown the way and also assistance in executing the next steps of the dream. Always remember that when we get nervous to focus on service and how this dream will help the beautiful people of this world now.

*Write out the intentions of the dream. Ensure clarity around the dream that is coming to you. Writing this out, and journaling through the haze can help us arrive to the clarity of the vision. Clarity is where all the manifestation and flow is found. If we lack clarity, we will equally lack the ability to execute and manifest. Clarity is the queen and we must let her speak. Journaling through the fog as a daily ritual is one key to gaining this clarity.

*Crystals and Colors: Crystal and color therapy is another form of healing our way to health and wellness.

Crystals for this time of Root Chakra work, which is the foundation on which all dreams will be built upon are the following:

Ruby Zoisite: The stone of self-confidence and abundance. This stone that alleviates grief, depression, despair, and defeat. It opens our hearts to our truest selves in confidence and light.

Garnet: The stone of the Capricorn, Garnet is known for self-empowerment, prosperity, abundance, and service to others.

Red Jasper: Is a stone for grounding the spirit and prepares the soul for your moments coming in the spotlight.

The color of Ruby Red for this month is also another way to enhance the root chakra’s abilities to remain healthy and ready for the next level of manifestation. Color therapy is known to increase energy and balance emotions. Consider the color combinations that you are drawn to at this time. It is a simple matter showing you how your spirit is looking to enhance various chakras in the physical temple. This is a gentle reminder that your spirit has always known the way and that we all can and do have those gentle nudges to go within and notice more, the language of our own souls. What color are you attracted to a lot lately? Because it totally means something to you at this specific time in your life!

As this next adventure of the new year and the NEW decade begins, practice 1 new strategy that can form a new habit for an even more connected relationship to the spirit in this coming year. Spirit is calling for your creations and dreams to come to life now. We are all in this and on this journey together. If you desire any extra assistance or just talk through any of these points mentioned, find us at and message us there. Krista will answer your questions and work through some of the areas you are looking to manifest in the coming days. For healing tools like the ones mentioned in the post, you may find those at the Healing Apothecary!

Happy New Moon and New Year, Lightworkers!

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