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New Moon in Aquarius 2021 Meaning & Astrology

Welcome to our first day of February and our incredible New Moon in Aquarius which is for commitment with getting on track and focused oriented once again to goals that were set with good intention for the New Year. I created an astrological oracle for you, channeled by Spirit.

First, let us join together on an understanding that New Moon energy cannot take over or have power greater than your own personal power in connection with God- Source energy. The New Moon does, however, provide an energetic pull or inclusion in one's life that when the individual is aligned and focused with intention, New Moon energy can simply bring it along with extra movement toward your personal intention and expand it along with you.

New Moons have been a favorite in my life for beginning something new! This week however, we have mixed the closing of Mercury Retrograde into the energetic swirl, yet the New Moon energy will linger through Thursday and Friday. Hold your intention and clear and consider the energy of where the New Moon in Aquarius is residing within you.

New Moon in Aquarius is a perfect time to work through areas in your life you are feeling blocked, held back, or unseen. Now is a great time to journal through moments that come up within the mind regularly with little to no resolve. This New Moon is prime for moving beyond the blocks and into hope for new starts, beginnings, or opportunities!

Additionally, when looking at which house is involved with our individual astrological signs, Spirit brought forward a fun oracle for each of you! Scroll to find your sign and consider how Spirit is touching your heart now.

Read on to enjoy a channeled message regarding your astrology sign! I researched the house that each sign found this New Moon in and asked Spirit to share the messages below. LOVE, Krista


Spread your wings and soar like an eagle! Social situations are becoming expansive and less restrictive. Release now fear or hurt from being shut down, forgotten, or talked about. Spirit is showing you that you have the heart, now it is time to build internal confidence to withstand and overcome fear so you can thrive. Be finished with looking outside of yourself for validation. It is time to go within.


Your dreams are worth it! Let them take center stage now! Any person involved in your life such as a partner, family member or friend who restricts this process is to be ignored at this time. Only your dreams and those involved in it require your attention now and nothing else. Spirit is looking to expand your incredible intelligence, intuition, experience, and heart to serve a community larger than you have ever imagined. Any other partner requiring more attention than that is dealing with narcissistic tendencies as it is and this will be great growing for those individuals involved as well!


You are intuitive beyond measure and now your mind is slowing down just enough to begin feeling the magic of your make up! Enjoy seeing around corners quickly, bringing ideas to life rapidly, and also surprising those you love with your awareness of your long known, but new found giftedness. Use this as a sign that when the mind slows down, you are the most intuitive in the land! Now, choose how you will use this ancient wisdom and have fun with it!


Your intelligence is unmatched, yet you are discovering you have much to learn at this time! It is a deep learning adventure to be the child in situations occurring in life instead of the big person (adult) all of the time. Rest into this perspective for the new view of the people and situations around you. What are you discovering from this innocent perspective about others and even more, your internal self? There is a hidden passage nestled inside of this new found room within your psyche. Open the door and discover the magic that was waiting for you all this time.


Blessings come when life can balance out once again. If your body is feeling it is pushed to its limits, now is the time to slow it down and steady out the pace. Collisions may be occurring all around you, but this is awareness that the brake pedal can be used and the motion can pause until the madness subsides. A beautiful awareness is that the dreamer can continue to plan on paper and then put it into action during a new cycle. Pausing to recalibrate is key for longevity and success far into the future.


Relax and look at the life you created around you. Are you in need of a new plan or routine? Have you settled into an outdated model that needs reimagining in your life? Now is a great time to shake it up! Cleanse the routines of your life by auditing each one that is seemingly done on auto pilot. Replace the routine with a new action and watch what happens inside your body. If you notice that everything is getting thrown off, then this is a really good sign to keep to going! The only way we can push through our comfort zones is to live life differently and to endure the fake pain associated with letting go of what we knew.


Pleasure and fulfillment want to take the front seat of your life now! What is your core desire and how can you have more of that now? Goals are one thing, desired feelings, you are discovering, is actually what you want to attract more of in your life now. Deeper relationships and partnerships are beginning to surface as being the most important. Now you can thoughtfully plan how to invest your time and energy building those connections. As you do, other areas in your life will also begin to open and new bridges for crossing over can be discovered and travelled.


Family First! Although family feels difficult to some degree right now, it is the space that you are focusing on and willing to expand and heal now. A new perspective is coming forward and it is a breath of fresh air for people that live with you and love you. Remembering through all of this to provide self care to your own vessel is the magic that fuels this movement. Without gentle, loving care, and cleansing... great intentions such as these will fizzle out along with your own energy.


Go for it! Plan mini trips or long trips! Adventure awaits as your body begins to identify with new spaces outside of the world you live in and see everyday! Change the scenery and enjoy discovering yourself once again. The mundane and day-to-day living is ready for shifting. Plan one trip to begin unraveling the stagnancy that you have been living inside.


Open your hands and allow thyself to receive. Physical abundance in terms of money wants to flow toward you and even more important, your heart is ready to expand with self love and deep inner compassion. This is a beautiful time for building prosperity into your own being! What a magnificent energy you are and you are now radiating brighter than you can remember. You shine like a polished ruby. Allow the flow to fill your heart with healing.


Now is the time to show your face. No longer are you willing to sit quiet or like a predator watching their prey without attacking. You are now positioning for the take over. The world will finally get to see who you authentically and truly are through this movement! This energy was within you as a child and was suppressed or pushed aside as world ideas and events began to form the mask that you wear today. Spirit is coming through and has found you once again. You are coming out of the darkness now- Spirit has a mission for you. Burn the mask, and show your face. We have been waiting for you.


It's okay to allow the wash of tears to cleanse your soul. You may be feeling deep feelings about events that were behind you. All of those moments have been brought to the front and center for clearing now. As the weight of each is lifted, your vessel will begin gliding through life once again with an energy that attracts answers, solutions, and also intuitive knowledge. This is a perfect time for rest and restoration. If it is cold where you are, a walk in the winter and warm salt bath will provide the contrast that your body requires for full release.

Leave us a heart or a comment to this blog with what resonated with you and prayers as you head out into this world of situations today! You are provided with every tool you need. Before you go, join me in the call upon prayer of protection:

Bubble of Protection Prayer

"I call upon my angels to wrap me in my bubble of pure protection and healing light. Bringing light and love into my heart, ad sending light and love out to the world. May all of the judgement and negativity bounce off of my bubble now and return to its source for healing. And so it is."

Join us for Crystal Lives! If Social Media would ever shut us down, we will resume lives on our own platform! I will send you a link to join!

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