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New Moon in Aries Meaning & Astrology Oracle

The New Moon in Aries, scheduled for April 1st, is moving in with a whole new feeling of reorienting to goals made at the start of the New Year 2022, or possibly even drafting a whole new plan! The energy that the New Moon in Aries provides is one that offers time, space, and momentum toward becoming clearer than ever before on one's next steps of inspired action! Now is the time for mapping out your deepest dreams (that actually scare you) with specific and precise language and detail. Clarity of the vision is Queen here and will allow attraction of all resources that will help the desired outcome to manifest its way into your atmosphere. Take a deep breath in and prepare to move as quickly as Aries energy (which is lightening fast) for manifesting the outcomes that are gaining your focus and momentum now.

Before we (Spirit and I) begin any writing, I call upon the Archangels of communication and light channeling to enter our atmosphere and to assist me with all writing. Here is our call upon prayer for this New Moon time of inspiration together:

I call upon the power, grace and guidance of the Archangels to guide my fingertips and Clairaudient awareness to communicate from Spirit and the highest forms of light and intelligence only. Allow only the truth to lay upon the hearts of the people that find this writing for their next steps of inspiration. Assist my vessel to be a channel of communication for only the truth of the light and the way toward eternity and infinite love. And so it is. "

May the next portion of our blog be a source of inspiration for your vessel to align deeper and closer to your destiny now.

The New Moon in Aries: Movement forward toward your deepest desires and recognition of internal growth happening now.

Oracles by Astrology Signs, Channeled through Angel Connection & Communication


Take 3 major steps toward what your heart is sharing, and 10 steps back when it comes to what your ego is screaming about within you. The New Moon hits deep & is requesting you to attract from a space of love (the heart) rather than a space of appearance. Beautiful people make the world more beautiful, yes! Step toward the mirror now and say aloud, "I am enough. I am worthy, and I am perfect for creating the miracles coming through me exactly as I look and am today." Now is the perfect time to take a moment from fixing your external self to turn within to your truest perfection inside the soul space. Repeat "I am deserving, I always have been!" What is meant for your life will never pass you by. It will not miss you. The greatest key is that you are able to show up as authentically YOU so the universe can find YOU to deliver to YOU your miracles now.


All the things you have been told or roles you have been shoved into may be requesting an audit by you right now! You are stepping into your own awareness of true happiness within your own life at this time, and your eyes may be peeling back the layers of what others have been permitted to define you as to this point in your life. What have you been permitting for the sake of holding tight to a partnership you promised and committed to for life? Partnerships can shift and evolve and in this case, the power of direct communication about your desires, wants, and needs are ready to be heard and valued, especially by you,! Now is the perfect time to acknowledge and state out loud the deep desires you want to bring to the forefront and no longer put on hold! Now is your perfect time to take center stage of your own life.


Digging deep on past events and current life situations is a key strategy for your personal growth right now. Relationships within your own life will build stronger when the relationship with yourself is given its beautiful time and space in your daily rituals. If situations from your past are beginning to surface now, like memories of times in your life when you were a child are seemingly coming out of thin air, this is a glimpse that your inner child and soul is requesting healing in this area for your great up-leveling event that is on its way. There are major breakthroughs coming toward your life, for your life and your soul is aware that this promise was made for this lifetime! The healing process showing up for you now is a natural fire starter for clearing and healing to make space for what is being welcoming into your beautiful world next.


Oh, Cancer! Soulful soul searching is happening within you now. This is your deep and deliberate time of the undertaking work that must occur to put to rest all of the fake stories that surface to keep your mighty potential small, contained, and safe. Spirit is requesting to take great care at this time and to commit to the work it takes to dig out of this burial ground of thoughts, ridicule, and past programming. Be aware to set a time limit for yourself. Diving into the dark for long periods of time can become habitual and routine. Your blessed soul is prepared to pop out with new growth patterns and different yet ancient terms of agreements as you move ahead. This is sacred and prescriptive, the work that is forming through your vessel. The medicine you required is one that will be necessary to share with the world.


Deep spiritual knowing and connection is happening within you now. Quite simply, there may have never been another time in your life where spiritual truths have surfaced at such a deeply emotional level. Events in your life currently may be pushing even more of this awareness to the center of your third eye and clairvoyance. This is destined to occur in this powerful time within you, Leo! You are a natural born leader of the people and when truths about God and the way we are currently living surface in your life, this is a sure sign that you are being used as a physical representation of hope for those that are soon going to be walking down similar roads that you have already endured and paved for them. Remember to shine the light of Spirit through your vessel by keeping your heart open the whole way through. Pray for Angels and the loving hand of Jesus to touch your soul space as you enter into your days to come. The light of hope is shining through you now. I am supposed to share one last thought, "you prayed for this moment, and it is now here."


Break the chains! Free yourself! The story of the past is no longer wanting to be the story of the future. Enjoy creating your new paths and your new lineage and as you do, please realize that anything is figure-outable! Financial Literacy for one, may not have been in your family's awareness or even misunderstood! Maybe money and finances were scarce or used liberally when you were a child growing up in the only world and family you knew. Now is the perfect time to learn how to manage and grow the resources you are attracting into your own life! Now is a perfect and prosperous time to sow new seeds for reaping later, may even next season! The point? Today is the perfect day for beginning. Make the first step of taking more clear control and providing necessary boundaries around the resources you are attracting to your life now! It's time to manage them and help them to grow.


A dance is happening with you now. In terms of dancing, I am seeing a lead dancer and also one partner that is begin guided gently and lovingly by the leader. Now is the perfect time to commit to accepting leadership in portions of your own life and also accepting times where taking control and leading the way is the position of another person to learn and cultivate. Now is the perfect time to build inner trust and simultaneously faith in and with Spirit. Spirit is showing signs all around you that is in support of the direction you are moving, yet it is requesting that forward movement is seen as a dance and that it moves flowingly and miraculously as the dance matches the rhythm and the beat the best of the music. Energy is swirling all around you now. In perfect formation for your gifts and nest steps to come to life. Be open to partnerships and also role reversals in the next round of choreography that helps the dance of your dreams flow forward.


Now is the time where all of the spaces in your life wheel may require an audit. If you are beginning to assess your daily routines, your health and fitness, financial status, and spiritual life, you are in perfect timing. What may be overwhelming is handling all of these areas at the same time. Rather, bite off one tiny chunk at a time! Often times emotion changes with motion and one simple add in would be a 20 minute walk to unwind after a day at work. Simply start somewhere! Today is the perfect day for creating new routines that build your life to be more in flow with the feelings you want to feel every moment of everyday! A quick question for you: how do you want to feel? What is one word that describes the feeling that you are going for in your own life right now? Now list all of the things you do that bring that feeling into your life. Can you do more of those things on your list to begin shifting the everyday routines of your life? New routines will begin shifting your life into new energy as well!


Life is short and you are sensing now that you do not want to live in this life too much longer with being upset! Now is the perfect time for gathering your resources and for planning the trip you have been wanting to go on with the people you love and care about the most. The new moon is ripe for the energy of building deep partnerships and lasting love within your own life. What you will notice in doing this is that no person you partner with nor parent is in charge of your own happiness. Only you can handle that! Create what you have been desiring by taking action and moving forward on your visions. Recreational activities is going to be a huge pivoting point for you in this new moon energy. Begin setting your arrangements and build the momentum of winning in love and life by taking charge of your own happiness. Plan more of what lights you up in life and apologize for it NEVER!


Home is where the heart is and now may be finding you in a time of nesting and dressing the home you reside. Investing time and money is not a concern when it comes to your sanctuary and you are ready to improve your living space with love and Spirit. Now is the perfect time to cleanse your energy and spaces to allow for refreshed feelings of hopefulness and faithfulness to enter into your life. If you are feeling a sense of all things working out as you dreamed, that is because it actually is working out in connection with your destiny. Enjoy every moment of your life now, and realize you are worthy of this great love and life happening within you now. Please do not be mistaken as our ancestors were. You never need to imagine or wait for "something bad to happen" just because life is finally perfect and good inside of you. No! You are worthy of this great love and life and nothing is able to take that away from you. Your life is literally God's gift.


You've learned so much in this life and much of it were found off of the pages of books and in the experiences of your lifetime! Now is your time to begin talking about all of it. Now is the perfect time to begin sharing stories of your one incredible life! You have lived a tremendous life with tremendous heart! You have not lived like anyone else and have dedicated to yourself to live like no other! Quit watching how others tell or live their stories now and begin crafting your life into the masterpiece that is worth talking about! You are stepping into a whole new view of yourself and your past, present, and visions of your future are to thank for that! Spend time during the new moon to remember where you came from. The secrets to your next steps are found within the deep memories that you are willing to retrieve from your past.


On the other side of the rainbow, you will find your pot of gold! But before you search, one must notice a rainbow is present to begin with. Often, we can get cloudy and dark as we focus only on the rainstorms of our lives. What is happening, however, is the sun is attempting to peak through the clouds and if we are willing to look, we may just spot the magical rainbow! You have created one amazing and abundant life and now is the time to slow down and recognize all that you have and all that you have created. Abundance is on the other side of this beautiful perspective, and when we know to look for amazing miracles in life, we have a better chance at finding them! Be aware of the language coming out of your mouth now that describes your life! Only use high vibrational and positive words to mention your beautiful life! Abundance awaits you on the other side of your rainbow! Be sure to look for the magic that is in your world today! You will certainly find more of what you are looking for!

Rituals for the New Moon

1.Take a Meditative Walk

Energy and emotion shifts and changes when we move! We are moving out of hibernation now and into our greatest time for stepping forward which are the seasons of Spring and Summer! Schedule a meditative and quiet walk with yourself to prepare for your internal growth!

When I walk, I often picture a dream I once had that I call, "visiting Avalon." It looked like this picture. Envision your dreams and your dream of happiness and beauty as you walk. Speak with God and talk out loud about your wildest dreams!

2. Worthiness Affirmations

A very clear sign for all of us is that we are being asked to accept and honor that we are fully worthy of living a happy and whole life filled with spiritual connection and truths! Repeat affirmations like the ones provided below consistently when you look into the mirror, when you are driving, working, and walking;

I am worthy of a happy, full, and meaningful life!
I am worthy of feeling happy and attracting more happiness!
I am victorious and am walking into my full potential!

3. Clarify your Pathway in Writing!

Journal with God for clarity about your roadmap to your dreams. How can you write the next steps so that they are so simple a 3rd grade could read them and understand them? Now that's precision! Write down your steps with clarity and precise language. Maybe even draw a diagram or flow chart! Read them and look for inroads to checking off the next steps from your list!

As you enter into your New Moon magical energy, I pray that you feel spiritually connected to source energy and your infinite potential!



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