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New Moon in Pisces Meaning & Astrology Sign Oracle

The New Moon in Pisces is rushing in with the energy of opening our mystical and magical, artistic sides of ourselves! We could have deep and wide opportunities to clearly envision our dreams and the impact that they can have within our own lives and in the lives of others. Prepare your vessel for opportunity to manifest and bring to life the creation that you are clarifying and taking action toward now. Jupiter is paired with this New Moon Energy and noted for being a truly fortunate time for attracting abundance and deeper love into our lives.

Read on for an Oracle channeled through me, from Spirit. I listen to astrologers for deeper connections to Astrology, and listen to Spirit for true messages for each of us.


Get ready! Your deepest and darkest fears that at one time caused dread, will now stoke the fire inside of you. The personal fear can now become the muse for your greatest creation yet! With the power of our manifesting and abundant New Moon in Pisces, fear cannot help but be transmuted into your wildest dreams come true! Remember to ask for help from your divine guides paired with scheduling meditation time directly on the day of the New Moon. With mystical and deep Pisces energy behind this one, visions will be clearer and more precise than usual. With clarity comes true creation and manifestation power! Heal away fears and let love and your wildest dreams live and take form!


New friendships and partnerships are happily moving into your direct networking sphere. Now is a beautiful time for rooting into new and close friendships that begin blossoming because of common life circumstances that also draw you authentically closer. Additionally, if you are creating a business or already have created a business, key like-minded partners may offer connection and partnership worth exploring now. Spirit moves souls into our spheres just in time to assist with new, destined adventures to flourish by becoming rooted, healthy, and strong in foundational principles that cause creations to grow and thrive. You may be offered just that in this magical Pisces energy of the New Moon. Enjoy this time to connect and grow in partnership during our New Moon in Pisces.


Gemini, you. may be feeling a sense of, I'm tired of playing small with my life, running through your mind, body, and spirit now. Your senses and the visualizations you have been receiving are now in a prime manifestation energy for coming into existence. You could increase your journaling time on the New Moon paired with a new written goal statement with one action step. The universe is conspiring on your behalf to create with you what you are artfully dreaming about. You are reminded to be authentic and to continue being yourself throughout this blossoming time! The energy is now in support of your creations and your dreams. Watch as you manifest something magical from what felt like nothing yesterday!


As the rest of the world may seem loud and busy, there could be a personal sense of solitude and quieter living occurring in your mind, body, and Spirit now. You have done much and have had so little time to process that this New Moon may be the perfect outlet to let go in the privacy, quiet, and stillness of your own sanctuary. Canceling plans and consistent routines that take up time may be traded for planning a personal getaway to an area that you have been wanting to discover. Learning in the quiet may find you in deeper study with intuitive arts and alchemy. You may unveil a whole new recipe to live by in your own life and in turn be able to teach others about it too. The point is that whatever you do with your time is sacred and perfect. Enjoy the silence for a second a two...


Limits? Nothing is off limits now! Now is the time that you may be feeling an itch to talk about the unspeakable things! You may be stoked to meet the root of the taboo topics in your life such as joint bank accounts, inheritance, debt, sex, money, money, money, money... You may be finding that to unravel how you are living in the present moment, you are starving to know the root from which this energy transpired in the first place. The good news, Leo? You are not attempting to start wars over this, instead you are seeking out methods to clear your lineage and make way for abundant living in all of the life wheel areas of health, wealth, sexuality, Spiritual growth, recreation and more. Give yourself time and space as you begin to debunk falsehoods and draw in truth and the light for healing past lineage practices to create a bright and open future for those coming in next.


Now is the perfect space and time for healing past relationships and pain points from them once and for all. If you have been feeling like life has gotten you down a bit after putting your heart out there in various relationships, this New Moon is calling for deep spiritual and heart chakra healing now! Enjoy this time as old demons and darkness can now surface and be set free with direct intention on doing so. The increased energy of the New Moon in Pisces allows for deep spiritual awakening and intuitive clarity for your next steps on this earth-bound and spiritual journey.


During this time, you may be auditing your own habits and routines that you have become accustomed to as your life may be feeling a little bit more monotonous than you are desiring! Now is the perfect time to shake up the status quo that has entered your life. This can be done in a fun and playful way simply by being spontaneous with one of your upcoming evenings. Now is the perfect time to begin shaking up your daily habits to witness what you are able to allow in that changes your own life for the positive! Begin stepping into new unexpected adventures! Your Spirit will thank you!


Now is the time where your heart is desiring to gain passion, purpose, and deep pleasure in your own living. You may find yourself planning special outings, fun moments to connect with your children or a friend. You may even care to plan a romantic getaway with your partner. Spirit is sharing however, to please include yourself in the process of the fun! Date yourself, love yourself, and do something deeply special to honor yourself! Now is the time to grow in love and the life you have created. Along the way, notice that you are planting new seeds of life that can grow on later in your life! Your future self will thank you for this!


You may be feeling a deep connection to past memories right now. Both happy and painful memories may surface, yet all of it is in an effort to show you a new picture about your life. You are wonderfully made to support the growth of love in the people of this Earth and in order to step ahead and begin living the great vision inside of your mind's eye, you may have a few areas that require some attention for healing before doing so. You are beginning to break ground on the old site of the worn down and unfulfilled life to make way for a new village to be created on this fertile land. You are the pioneer and you are setting a vision for where we can all see and feel hopeful about our future. Begin with yourself today. Gain a clear perspective of how sturdy the foundation of this new vision can be!


Say less and accomplish more! Words are only one method of communication. Actions are speaking much louder than words during this energy of Pisces New Moon and you are fully supported in taking inspired action toward what you have said you would always do! No need to speak a word about it. Onlookers will notice and your vision will grow into a reality because you have the energy and information to create it now. the universe is supporting you into the next phase of your journey. Get going!


Money is worth something and you are worth more than any price or value you could articulate in our language. You are beginning to see your deep value and you are being asked to strengthen your self perception because when you do, your financial and spiritual wealth will strengthen along with you. If you have not yet noticed, you are a priceless work of art that was crafted to love and lift the world like a mighty earth angel, yet you have been traveling with broken wings that are ready to be mended and used again. This is the time to heal your heart and your root chakra. Become firm and in connection with your inner light and love for yourself. You are wonderfully made and perfectly designed in every way. Heal away the addiction of sadness, ego, and grief now and open to the brilliance of the being you have been made to be in this world and for this world!


Now is the time to remove the masks and the fake tagline you have given to yourself. The world appreciates your constant willingness to support them, however it is now time to support your most authentic structure. Remove the facade of helping others and begin now to help yourself. When you are looking toward fixing others, there is a deep connection to the hurt that is yet to be fixed within. For the next leg of this journey, Spirit must be able to find you and the only way of doing that is to show up as perfect as YOU ARE! Be yourself. Spend time with yourself and forgo offering advice, assistance, or coaching right now. Simply turn the offerings over to you and begin talking through the things that are prepared for healing!

Rituals for New Moon in Pisces

1. Meditate and Envision

The New Moon in Pisces energy is the PERFECT TIME to quietly meditate and envision more of your own infinite potential. Our minds require quiet, time, and space to actually "see" what Spirit is offering as advice to align to our destined pathway. Provide yourself 3- 33 minutes at the least to meditate in quiet and allow for a vision to come forward!

SYNCHRONICITY ALERT!!! Here is a video I made over the time we stayed home together when our country shut down. More of these are coming, however if you are wanting to learn more about the visions you are receiving and the council of guidance you are gaining this awareness from in your meditation time, please follow us on Live True Healing on You Tube channel!

2. Journal the Vision

It's time to draw, write, map, or whatever you do to express with an additional layer of energy what it is that Spirit is showing to you inside of your being. Create a space in your rituals for writing. The power of writing can free a locked up vision that has been housed within you all of this time! Choose a space that meets your comfort level and begin. This is a powerful ritual for the New Moon or ANY moon!

3. Draw the Bubble of Protection

Surround your being with the powerful Angelic protection as you create in a new space of your life! Say:

"I call upon the angels to wrap me in my bubble (name the color) of protective light. Drawing light and love into my soul, sending light and love out to the world, and leaving negativity at the bubble's edge for healing, clearing, release, and renewal. And so it is."

When we call upon our angels, we offered a new level of support and protection. Call upon the angels as you journey through this fun and abundant time!


Crystals Recommendations for the New Moon in Pisces

Labradorite is a crystal of high intuition and protection! With Pisces energy paired with a new moon, psychic energy is at an all-time high! Enhance your giftedness deeply during our New Moon!

Rainbow Moonstone is laced with intuitive support and awareness for your extrasensory perception to come even further to life! A crystal of creativity and confidence!

The Golden Healer to promote clarity throughout the body beginning with our Chakra System! The crystal for aligning chakras and for bringing balance to the Chakra system for enhancing clarity of vision for the New Moon in Pisces.

Upcoming Live True Events

Let us celebrate the month of growth and abundance! Join us for our Crystal Lives celebrating the abundance of St. Patrick's Day with Crystals for expansion, prosperity, and wealth of Body, Mind, and Spirit!

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