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Rhodochrosite Meaning & Healing Properties

Rhodochrosite is a crystal of lifting up the broken and burdened heart! An incredible crystal of the Heart Chakra, Rhodochrosite is a beautiful mix of magical love connectedness and tender, loving care to the heart.

Leo and Scorpio are both dedicated to deep journeys of opening the heart chakra and Rhodochrosite jives beautifully with helping this learning and experience of opening up through the heart!

Rhodochrosite is known for calming rapid heart rates associated with anxiety and anxiety attacks. This amazing, healing crystal is known to assist with circulation and also improve respiratory issues in the physical body.

If you have been stumbling upon irrational fear lately, rhodochrosite is incredible for slowing down the pace of emotion through the heart chakra and assisting the body with rational processing of events occurring around you and within you. An amazing crystal for calming down "the crazy train" of emotions.

Rhodochrosite also stimulates memory and also clairsentience awareness. Clairsentience is the angelic gifts of intuitive sensing through the heart chakra and solar plexus chakra.

Rhodochrosite Affirmations

"I am beautifully and wonderfully made."

"I am a beacon of love energy sent to shift the collective into a peaceful and loving existence."

"I am crafted to heal and release grief and sadness resting within my heart space."

"I can open my heart to the love I am worthy of having."

"I am attracting the perfect partner that loves me for my authentic and perfect soul!"

Rhodochrosite Chakra and Energy Healing

Heart Chakra & Crown Chakra

Therapeutic Focus: Forgiveness, gratitude, and grace


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