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Sacred Herb Mix & Practical Uses After Your Package Arrives

We have been getting consistent questions and feedback about how much you love the sacred herb mix we send with your crystals and questions about what exactly you should do with it next. This article is crafted to assist you with thoughtfully an intentionally using your sacred herbs as you receive your Live True packages into the future.

Enjoy our newest video and batch of Spring Sacred Herb Mix! All of the herbs, fruit, and flowers were dried right here with our crystals inside of my very own home!

Sacred Herbs & Their Healing Properties

When Live True turned into a full product-based, crystal business, I was called to craft herb mixes for the pouches of crystals that were being sent home to your sacred living spaces. We include herbs and flowers fitting for the season and energy that is surrounding our collective now. You may smell scents of Rosemary, Sage, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Mint, and flowers mixed into just about every batch of herb mix. When I mix,Spirit lends a hand and sends healing blessings through my palms and fingertips, leaving energetic codes of love in the herbal mix resting with your crystals. We place crystals in this natural mix to charge and cleanse for their next mission within your living environment and life!

Rosemary is a natural energy cleanser and detoxifier gifted to us from Spirit through Mother Earth.

Sage is an energy releasing herb that lifts spirits and cleanses negative energy.

Practical Uses for Healing Sacred Herb Mix

Ritual Burning for Release or Welcoming Abundance

Designate a sacred container made of wood to house the herbs from each Live True package. Once you have about 1/3 of a cup full, it can be burned easily in a blessed ceremonial prayer of release of a ceremony for welcoming love and abundance. Light the mix until it catches fire and gently blow out the mix and surround your body in the sacred smoke.

Dress your Altar

Gently dress your altar with a ring of sacred love and amplification of sacred herbs. You could also designate a special bowl for the collection of beautiful, sacred herb mix to increase the vibration of Love and Abundance as you meditate. Place a Clear Quartz crystal in the center for amplification power.

Cleanse and Charge Crystals

Use the sacred herb mix as a way for cleansing and amplifying your crystals! This is a perfect bed for crystals to rest in after a long and heavy energy absorbing day!!! Once again, select a bowl and charge away the negative juju from your sacred crystal family!

Surround your Home in Prayer and Protection

Use the sacred herbs and circle your home in prayer as you sprinkle your land with sacred herbs and prayer. walk around the perimeter of your home and say, "I call upon the angels and the highest source of light to cleanse my living space and surround it with love and protection. Infuse my space with healing and light. And so it is." Then drop the herbal blessings as you walk and pray. I always end the ceremony with saying, "thank you, Spirit!"

Leave us a comment if you found a new and thoughtful way for using Live True Sacred Herbs!



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