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Shock of the New

Working within the energy of the full moon as well as the time of year when changes are handed out, the shock of the new can send our bodies into a spiraling whirlwind of confusion and unexpected grieving. Paying attention to the rhythms of the body, we may notice a shift happening as life offers a hand, walking us out of the worn paths of life and onto a new one.

Shifts are occurring everywhere within the community of soulful clients requesting coaching and even in the comings and goings of patrons to the Live True Apothecary.

As our soulful community seeks out their healing methods, questions like this are asked:

“What can I do to assist me with this feeling as I am about to start a new position? I am excited, yet I feel out of balance because it’s new.”

“People are talking a lot about this change with me, and I want to help myself through the pressure of the gossip. What can I do?”

“A loved one recently passed unexpectedly and I feel like I am entering a whole new side of myself. Can you help me through it?”

Shock of the new. We have all been there. Yet, we are noticing “the new” running at a higher rate than usual.

This time, I am walking through the similar changes with my clients and apothecary patrons. I too am heading into a new space and place that God is calling me. Unearthing of comfort and the truest growth and blessing. A space and time which I came alive in as I am offered a new adventure (I choose to call it), that I receive with gratitude. And with new, God appointed pathways, rumblings within can begin to stir and unearth deep seated pieces ready for surfacing.

As the rumblings shake the programming off of us some more and reveal truths for healing, we enter a time and space where only we can be there for ourselves. It’s an internal journey of truth. The rumblings of change coming to our awareness to reveal who we are. An opportunity to visualize the unearthing of truths, and what those truths are which have been long buried away. The stomach are may feel sickness and the heart space may stiffen, yet we thank the body for responding in a way for us to notice the deep calling for self care and temporary solitude. After all, we are preparing to transition into this life changing time of our lives.

And yes, all of it is life changing. We are in the cycle of soul evolution at high speeds and transformation so beautiful it is breathtaking. Remembering how the butterfly is brilliantly beautiful because of the strength it needed to push its way out of its safe comfort zone is nature’s way of showing us that change is painful, and can be accompanied with a lot of tears, and the result is powerfully beautiful. We just need to give it time and healing.

Healing through the discomfort can be found in creative endeavors.

What is your soul calling you to create?

One of the soulful women Live True works with has opened an antique shop and paints beautiful quotations while another writes her heart out. Another plants flowers in her garden to heal through the transformation process. What feels right that you do today to heal?

Go there.

Be there.

Stir the Sacral (Creation) Chakra so good as you bring your gifts to light through this transformational time. The world is waiting to receive you, and in your time. Heal, restore, and get ready because you are the change this world is ready to be!

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