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The Victory Cry: A Season of Change

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” -Socrates

Have you noticed that when life throws the curve balls or the inevitable endings to things, it becomes rather easy to stare at the one thing that has changed or the feeling of no longer having what felt normal to our lives. Eventually our eyes begin to shift into the lanes of others as we marvel at how everything seems so “normal” and unchanged for them. It can cause a feeling of discontentment with our divine delays or changes as we focus on what was or what will never be again. Sure, there is always a silver lining that we can eventually pull out, yet there is that longing for the familiar and the sense that we are left with missing what has become so warm, safe, and well...normal. And that can be just painful.

Life has to make everything uncomfortable for the progress destined for us. The kids have to get so loud, the job has to suck so bad, the vision has to not work out, someone has to walk away or walk toward something different. All of the things that qualify as the triggers for causing change and pain are the divine blessings for propelling us forward.

Some of us even ask for the change. Directly and clearly and soulfully ask for it. It is the one building block of the jenga tower that gets pulled out to cause the structure to fall and the pieces left scattered on the floor for a rebuild. Only this time the rebuild can most certainly be structured as the tower was before or it could take on a completely new layout and design. Ultimately it is up to the soul or the ego to decide where to take the next steps during this shifting time. And sometimes, the ego can scream and shout and let it all out when it is unfamiliar with the restructuring process. If shouting and upheaval is not your thing, then the ego may lean on a similar structural rebuild to the building that just fell and it wins this one. Yet, if the screaming and loud calls for change have been pinging for quite some time, the new and evolved structural rebuild will be the better choice and therefore the soul will be the one left doing the talking.

One way or another, this is the season of change. Although the eclipse season may technically end in July, the vibrations of this eclipse season will reverberate throughout the coming months and into December. Changes and transformations are inevitable for all of our lives, one way or another which can show that we are literally in this together. Even the ones that seem as though they are living chill with no change are still shifting inside. No person goes left untouched.

We are all being called to give ourselves time for healing and mending of the fractured pieces of ourselves. This is the perfect time to take inventory of exercise routines as well as the food fuel that is being ingested. Be willing to shift the routines that have become so normal and introduce a slower or faster cardio practice to assist with the new(er) rhythms of the body.

Additionally, inventory who you are spending most of your time with. It may be that the shifting is also calling for a shift in how and who we are spending our precious time with. If drama seems to be the main idea of every conversation in the friend circles you find yourself, then the transformational pain will amplify X10. No success can be mustered when drama enters the house and pain will surely turn to suffering rather than healing. Clear all the spaces where people have taken up free real estate and cleanse the toxic energy from the body simply by stating with conviction, “I release you now.” Cut the cords of any being that chooses to attach to your changing form. Visualize a pair of golden scissors, cutting the attachments and releasing them back to their owners with love. May the light heal the attachment points and restore the areas to their original form.

It can feel like the sadness drags on and the nervousness of the new is never ending. When these feelings begin to hit me, I take my shoes off and walk around my yard, feeling the divine mother earth energy that so solidly regrounds me back into the loving spirit that is guiding me along this life path. Running, walking, dancing, and moving changes energy flow. Remember that emotion changes with motion. If we sit the same, we stay the same. Movement helps process through the heavy energies that can cause paralysis. Keep moving. One foot in front of the other. Even if it hurts. Just go slow. Slow and steady and then when you can, move even a little bit faster. By all means, take the step.

During the divine discomfort of change, channel the inner creator. Draw, paint, write, dance, weave, sew, wrap a bundle of flowers. Just do it. Create and allow the healing to come through the hands and out to the creation space. Creation for you may be to organize a room. Every square inch of it. By all means, do it!

Just remembering that pain is temporary and soon enough we'll be standing on that mountain top once more and screaming the cry of victory. Hang in there, beautiful ones, because this change is bringing us even closer to home again.

We are in this together. We will all walk through this together, one way or another. Contact us with questions and support. We love you.

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