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Wide Awake: Black Moon Miracles

We’re becoming wide awake now. The universe chose us for this time and this space here on Earth with all of the planetary shifts, eclipses and retrogrades. And God knows what else was flung into the megatron month of July’s shifting and challenges. It felt as though all rules were off and a free for all of free falling events had their opportunity to occur. One after the other. Even the small happenings began adding up, forming a pile so high that we had to dig our way out of the burial ground it could have left us in. And still we rise. As we look around, we notice other courageous souls brushing off the debris lingering from explosions of communication breakdowns and decisions made months before (this) which made their grand entrance at the same time as the rest of it. We will all keep brushing it off as we feel the light on our faces once again and the odds forever in our favor.

Now it’s our time to rise! Out of the ashes we emerge as we test our wings and strengthen them to soar. We are aligning our paths and preparing for take off the minute the inspiration so much as flutters in our hearts. Because when it hits us, it will be so clear as it is a completely different rhythm than the ones of the outdated modes of being we just shook off over the past months (and years) of our lives.

It all comes down to this one question and one truth that is for all of the souls prepared to welcome in the abundance of prosperity, health, wealth, love, and joy. Are you prepared in your soul to welcome in the unconditional flow of the universal life force that drives everything? Maybe yes! Miracles of life will be revealed on repeat the moment the soul decides.

Between now and July 31, begin preparing for your life like it is the greatest holiday ever celebrated. The celebration of coming home to your soul. Create a sacred night of worship to your eternal being. Thanking her for the gifts of life. Bathe in water dressed with rose petals and infused with only the finest Frankincense and rose oils, fit for a queen. Craft the most delectable temple repairing feast that is in celebration of the most beautiful, miraculous life changing events that are just ahead. And above all, with clarity and intention, welcome in the gifts of life by writing down the dreams resting on your heart and alive in your mind’s eye. They are ready for birth and life of growing!

This is our time! As we welcome the Black Moon on July 31st and the month of Leo, we all have an extra dose of courage, strength, and light! This is the time where all of the shifting and discomfort is exchanged for prosperous and abundant living.

Make a wish, because the universe is ready to make your wish its command.

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