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Angel Aura Rose Quartz is powerful for summoning Angel's love and also heart chakra support from the divine realm.  Angel Aura Rose Quartz is perfect to assist with opening to one's clairsentience ability, and also inner intuition and trust in one's own feelings and instincts.  If one is inspired to fall in love, a crystal of this high vibration will want to help the user act upon the intentions of love and divine connection. 


Chakras:  Crown and Heart


Every Moon includes a FREE sphere stand!

Chakras:  Heart Chakra, Crown Chakra


Every Aura Rose Quartz Moon comes with a Live True signature information crystal card. 


Every Live True Crystal Order comes with a brilliant intuitive crystal gift and a special surprise!

Magical Aura Moons of Angelic & Cosmic Magnetic Love

SKU: E257
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