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444 Synchronicity- On a Divine Mission with a Divine Purpose

444 Synchronicity is the sign of being on one's aligned and divine mission and/or path. 4 is the power number of deliberate thinking, planning and living. When 4's come up in synchronicity, this is a time where your vessel is being guided to take proactive and aligned steps toward the direction of one's destiny.

This post came up for me this morning as I remembered the series of nightmares from last night. I have recently chosen to retire fro my full time Public Education elementary school principal position to run my business of Live True full time and also commit to a community partnership on improving our school system. Additionally, we are real-estate investors and I have just begun living out my dream of creating luxury Air BNB's around the USA. Our first one is set to begin on 2/4/22.

Before waking from my final dream cycle, Spirit walked me through (in my dreams) The Sage House where I will be crafting my first Luxury Air BNB. As I went through, 4's were appearing everywhere. I heard repeatedly, "you were meant for this. You are on a divine mission." As I walked through the house, 444 continued to appear everywhere and I felt touched by the Holy Spirit before I woke from night's sleep. This experience was my sign from Spirit that my first of many blog posts in retirement must capture the power of the Angel Messages through the 444 Synchronicity.

444 Quick Reference

When 444 is suddenly appearing repetitively in your life and within your awareness:

  • Your vessel is aligning to higher purpose

  • Angels are watching over a project with you of divine order

  • You are being shown that you are never alone and constantly supported on your journey.

  • They come through during bouts of personal anxiety streaks or highly stressful times to show support during your discomfort.

  • When one is going through another phase of Spiritual Awakening.

  • When one is truly aligned and in tune with the Universe

444 is an energy of encouragement in taking action and steps toward activating a dream! The angel army is prepared to provide support and direction for the next steps of this journey you are on now.

The Promise of 444

The synchronicity of 444 comes with a promise. When this angel number of 444 synchronicity comes up for you consistently in daily life, your angel army team is crowding around you, in support of helping you make a move or to begin the renovation of your own life or situation. This is the great number of moving forward, past it, or turning things around! This is a sign that you are willing to do the difficulty task on behalf of the divine mission and for that, you are being honored and cared for.

Angels are never here to interfere. Synchronicity is as close to an interference as they are divinely permitted to do. This is why synchronicities can seem so amazing when they are continually happening and repetitive. Spirit and the Angel Army are literally doing everything they can to gain our attention so that we can remember to call upon them for assistance.

I call upon you, Angels to...

...and then we can individually fill in the blank with a declaration of how we are requesting the help that our vessel requires now.

444 is an angel number that may be coming up for you often and this is to show you that you are angelically supported and divinely guided.

444 Dream Activation

You may begin vivid dreaming and astrological projection during this time. Allow your vessel to show you truths about your life journey and even past lives by journaling about what you can recall from your dreaming or sudden visions. This is an opportunity to clear pathways to permit an open gateway for new to enter your life now! This is a beautiful way to welcome in prosperity, love, health, wealth, and higher energy frequency. Crystals that help us during this process are:

Mookaite- For assistance with clearing past live disruption and family, ancestral lineage.

Amethyst- A master healer, and emotional calming crystal. Amethyst is a beautiful crystal for also connecting one to their 3rd eye chakra power. Above all, Amethyst assists with dream clearing and happy dreaming.

Selenite- A deep cleansing crystal! Selenite is known for clearing negative energy and purifying the area around it it!


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