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Spirit Animals Meanings, Energy, & Quick Reference Guide

What is a Spirit Animal?

A spirit animal is an energy guide with a direct purpose of assisting the soul of a human with healing and directing new energy. The characteristics of the spirit animal can be shared and used by the human channeling this divine spiritual energy. Spirit animals can be an energetic helper and guide which humans can easily relate to or find humor with, therefore spirit animals can quickly enhance a human’s ascension journey.

How can you identify your Spirit Animal?

You will know you have attracted a spirit animal to your life if:

  1. The animal is showing up often in your everyday life. This could be an opportunity for the energy to trigger your awareness for your own energetic awareness.

  2. The animal meets you in meditation. Spirit animals are known to enter during silent meditation time, the same way that spirit guides enter.

  3. The animal visits you in your dreams. Spirit animals will enter your dream state and when you wake to remember, this is an optimum time to journal or revisit the animal in a more conscious state. You have the ability to dive deeper and learn more about the energy it is helping you with now.

  4. Oracle readings. If you feel empowered to read for yourself or to hire a trained and empowering intuitive, a spirit animal may enter through this portal of opportunity. Be sure to always say the “Bubble of Protection Prayer” before any reading. The bubble of protection prayer is:

“I call Upon the archangels of protection to wrap me in my bubble of protective light, bringing light and love into my soul and sending light and love out to the world and leaving negativity at the bubble's edge for healing, clearing, release and renewal. And so it is!”

Spirit animals will never replace God or step in the space of Jesus or any other Archangel, rather, they are sent to bolster the Spirit for deeper connection with divine support. Spirit animals are like spiritual medicine. For example, if a depression streak is hitting your physical temple, you may begin embodying a playful side of your spirit animal and visually see funny pictures, videos, or reels of panda bears, for example, playing and rolling about.

A quick guide to Spirit Animal Meanings

Below you will find a quick guide of Spirit Animals and their meanings. This is Part 1 of many more to come! Spirit animals can be any animal that you see living here on earth as well as in the imagination.

Spirit Animal information card
Spirit Animals have dynamic energy offerings for our souls!

Bat- Life Change


Bee- Manifestation

Butterfly- Transformation

Cat- Independence

Crow- Intuition

Deer- Guardian

Dog- Loyalty

Dolphin- Inner Magic

Dragonfly-Intuition, awakening

Elephant- Good Fortune, protection

Fish- flow of energy

Fox- strategy

Frog- The big leap!

Giraffe- vision

Hedgehog- mothering


Koala Bear-mindfulness


Panda Bear-play



Polar Bear-inner trust

Rabbit- fertility

pink opal rabbits
Rabbits send energy of fertility and creation.

Rooster-strength, confidence

Sloth- Inner Peace

Snail- inner peace


Turtle- persevere

Unicorn- magic



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