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Destiny Meditation

If you trust that you have a divine purpose as you live in this one beautiful, sacred life, yet you desire inspiration, clarity, and focus for you manifesting your dreams, then this meditation is for you. One morning, journaling with God, I received this meditation to share with the world. We are made to live our destiny and this meditation was designed to guide you to it.

Body Position:

If you are inside of a house, place feet flat on the floor. You may remove you shoes for the direct connection to the earth.

If the meditation space of your choosing is outside, sitting in the grass with the entire lower body sitting on the ground is ideal.

Palms facing up. Begin resting the body first by taking 3 deep breaths in through the nose and exhaling the air out of the mouth.

Imagine the white light entering the top of the head at the Crown Chakra, allowing the light to flow like a waterfall through the third eye, gathering all of the thoughts and beliefs that have lingered.

Allow the white light to pass through the throat chakra now, carrying with it all of the messages left blocked or unspoken. Bringing with it the barriers that have blocked your personal truth from being spoken.

Allow the white light to run through the heart releasing the blocks to loving thyself. Every piece of shame laid upon it, and every fragment of rejection and judgment settled in it is now released with the light.

Allow the white light to flow through the stomach, carrying with it any remains of the muddled mess of indecisiveness for fear of rejection or judgement. The light cleanses the stomach and clears it for trusting oneself.

Allow the white light to enter the pelvic region now, as it bombards stale, stagnant energy. Releasing family trama, and blocks to creativity, while opening the gates to new creation.

Finally, the white light flows to the root, which is in the tailbone area. The white light shines in this area, releasing scarcity, and fear. Replacing it with the most brilliant, ruby red color of abundance and self-esteem.

Now the white light flows through the legs carrying the particles that no longer serve from each of the 7 chakras to the earth for healing. Bring the light down through the legs, into the toes, allowing all of it to be released into the earth.

As the mind clears of cluttering thoughts and thinking, allow its talking to pass through by releasing each thought as it enters. (This will become easier as it is practiced as a daily ritual.)

Now, you will notice a pathway. You feel the round, cool stones beneath your feet. You begin walking the pathway and you notice a light just ahead. Walking toward the light, you notice a figure waiting for you.

Walk toward it. Notice that the figure has extended a hand to you. The figure hands you a crystal. Notice its shape. Its color. Its temperature. Its brilliance. Notice the feeling it brings to the body when held.

The figure extends its hands, as you hold the crystal together.

The figure blows the crystal to dust.

Watching the particles sparkle into the universe, watching them flow and spread throughout the Earth.

Listen as the particles are whispering your name repeatedly. The pieces of this crystal are now falling upon the people of the world, across the entire universe.

The figure speaks, “when you show up, they’ve heard the truth of your name, and your message today. Now they will recognize your soul when you step forward as you manifest your dreams to life in this world.

Like dust, the crystal particles turn into stars in the sky and countless guides are watching in support.

“I am Destiny, and I am waiting for you,” the being says. The being returns to the sky.

As journaling with God begins, write about all of the things that were visualized throughout the meditation. Remember, as you read the meditation, you will begin visualizing. Write down what you see about your destiny and your unique gifts to the world.

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