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Full Flower Moon in Scorpio

Updated: May 12, 2019

The Full Flower Moon in Scorpio is our next time of elevated, blooming energy. The colors of flowers will begin brightening the Earth as the they bloom from the tremendous amount of rainfall paired with pockets of sunlight. Since the last full moon, we have been fertile for planting and sowing that which will soon be or already has been manifested in this beautiful life.

Scorpio, the sign that is the most sensitive and aware out of all the zodiac signs, will be uncovering the secrets of our lives during this Full Moon. Our inner truths will begin revealing themselves to us. Blooming like a flower, they will show their truest colors so that recognition of pain can transfer into healing.

In the words of Barbara Goldsmith,

“Everything is pure about this Full Moon. Everything that is Scorpio is about finding that which is not pure, and bringing it to light so that you can create the purity and perfection you desire. It’s about recognizing you are you. You just need to be nakedly you. Most of the time you want to cover everything up. You were taught as a child to cover up. Don’t show this, don’t show that, just cover it up. Don’t tell someone this, keep that a secret. And what ends up happening is that you become a secret from yourself. And you wonder who on earth you are. Who am I, you wonder. This full moon is about baring yourself to yourself.”

When revelations begin to surface which will also begin revealing the sources of your pain, the opportunity for healing and transformation can enter. The Full Flower Moon energy will encourage bravery to process through the darkness and impurities that have taken up residence in your temple, and release that which does not serve your perfect soul any longer. Releasing ceremonies including Healing Salt Baths, Journaling, Saging, and “Burning Limiting Beliefs” will serve the soul and the mind to release the muck that has been lying within for some time now.

Sorting out the garbage from that which is pure and true may feel exhausting at first, yet stand in your power and continue sorting and surfacing the lies to replace with truths of your spirit.

Remaining rooted like the great oak as the surfacing takes its course will initiate the healing process to begin. Visualizing ruby red energy can provide a feeling of comfort in the stability and groundedness of your internal truths and knowingness that the answers have forever been inside. Trust yourself through this process. You have always known you were destined to evolve and clear yourself of the stories that have once played their part, and now may be released so that you can enter the next phase of your incredible journey.

Full Flower Moon

Colors: Red & Orange

Crystals: Black Tourmaline (transmute negativity into positivity, protection), Selenite (Purification, Cleanse)

Chakra Support: Root, Sacral Chakras

Releasing Rituals: Burning Limiting Beliefs, Healing Salt Baths

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