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Full Moon & Dreams Come True

Sweet, sweet release and the feeling of blessed water washing over us in a cleansing, releasing fashion, Blessings for all of us as we wash clean the depths of emotions we found (and still find) ourselves swimming in for the past weeks. And if we could be honest with ourselves

and each other, we may feel like we have been swimming through this for years now. Monday is just one turn on this beautiful journey called life. On Monday, March 9th, Mercury, the planet ruling communication, turns direct once again and simultaneously, a full moon will be occurring. We will begin seeing glimpses of our infinite potential and also of all of the preparation and focus we have put into making this thing blossom the way we’ve dreamed and planned that it would. This thing blossoming could include: the dream of business, financial gains, spiritual enlightenment, family expansion, soulmate attraction, or healing and living again! What’s your dream that you are now open to receiving?

Somewhere in the corners of our hearts, we made a promise with ourselves that even if we give it our best shot, we will deal with the outcome of it just not working out. That energy is changing, and simultaneously our mindsets will be encouraged to shift along with it all. And it is also being shown to us, that the doubt which is securely tucked away in the corners, is being asked to come out and move on now or else we will have to cleanse it clean.

The mindset of believing impossibilities will be more difficult to live with as we begin shifting into this cleansing time and lighter energy (beginning the evening of March 8th). In fact, the operator of the mental machine (ego), will find it extra difficult to execute its small plan of fear and doubt, ridicule and persecution. Instead, the friction will come even stronger once the dreams our souls have been focusing on are set in motion. And in this particular energetic time, it is ripe for massive action and willingness to release fear and move forward! We will begin seeing humanity take risks in the name of spirit more blatantly than we have seen in our past. Momentum will build, and collectively we will desire to focus on our big dreams/ visions and equally we will want to talk about them even more to each other and the world.

On Monday, March 9, Mercury, the planet that rules communication will go direct once again and the full moon will enter our skies and its energy will fill our spaces. Normally we associate full moons with abundant release and also cleansing, which both will be ever-present again. Yet, there is a water element to the cleansing that continues to come forward in meditation and angelic communication. Remember to include healing salts if you have them and draw a bath or simply stand under a shower of water that pours down over the head and over the body. Covering the body in cleansing blessing from all of the emotional toxins that have been hanging on us and keeping us rather small in building and maintaining momentum to overcome the obstacles of judgment, death, loss, and rejection.

If you have found yourself crying or more frustrated than what the body is used to feeling, remember that “this too shall pass and will pass.” Feel the feelings and process the emotions as we can also recognize that the feelings may be stirring from past life trauma paired with similar, present-day scenarios that make it challenging to see the light. New learning that angels are opening to my soul’s awareness is the exploration of Akashic Records and past life trauma and healing. I am finding that we often relive similar scenarios in each life to either build momentum to overcome and learn or quite simply to master the learning to teach and empower others how to do the same! Hence, we are all discovering our callings now and we are becoming clearer on our purposes for living a truly meaningful life.

There is a promise being held just for you and me. The promise that if we are open to receiving, we shall receive it. “Ask and you shall receive.” Open your beautiful, gentle hands and say aloud, “I wish to receive the gifts of __________.” We truly have the whole world that we could ever dream or imagine in our hands if we become open to receiving what we are dreaming. This ritual of physically opening the hands and visualizing what we shall receive has been life-changing in my spiritual practice. As empaths, we naturally give to everyone else first! We can now begin to untangle that process to fill our own spirits first so that we can give to the world simply by remaining open to receiving.

Over this weekend, even when communication breakdowns continue to occur, technology failure happens, or when it feels like people are less than truthful, let’s take a deep breath to realize that those moments are bound to happen and they also show us that life is meant for incredible joy and prosperity as there is recognition that those moments do not match the energy wave that we choose to ride. Let us capture the next few remaining moments of awkward communication and situations and transfer them into our learning opportunities. And let us remember that even though Mercury is direct again, we will always experience new opportunities of discomfort and learning. Yet, this is a reminder that when we change the way we look at things, the things that we look at begin to change.

As always, please reach out to us at and submit a chat request if you have questions or want to learn your own empowerment! Or find us on Facebook and Instagram @livetruehealing.



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