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Full Moon in Libra

Release & Rebirth

April 9, 2020

We are all shifting now and “finding our way” a little bit more every day, out of the feelings of being trapped, feelings of isolation, and separateness. It is as though we have lived in a social detox now for a couple of weeks and we have learned more about ourselves in this space and time. When life slows down, we have an opportunity to listen and jump upon the intuition that we are guided to use and apply. Intuition can be seen and heard more clearly in high vibes and laughter! Although times may feel heavier than what seems normal, this full moon’s energy is prime for releasing the heavy and raising the vibe to tap into the next steps of bringing our gifts to this world.

The energy for this Full Moon in Libra is prime for stepping into our inner spirit’s beauty while radiating with a highly attractive, down to earth energy. We are becoming like magnets as we shed the facades that we once held over our faces in an effort to fit in or to stay safe. Radiating with inner knowing and inner self-love causes all of us to become magnetic attractors for the great rebirth within our own spirits now and also on a societal level.

What would it feel like if everything we touched turned to gold? If we brightened the souls of others just by being alive in who we are? What would it be like to manifest the magic of the beautiful dream that has sat within us up until this point? The dream that whispered, yet couldn’t be heard until the world around us became a little quieter and so did we? The dream will come to fruition through our very own intuitive guidance that we can access more easily in the silence. So let us all ask the source, “what is the dream that I am now to bring to our world? Show me the way.” And so it is!

A note on dreams. Dreams are dreams because the gift that is singing its song within you and me also wants to sing and bring life to the souls of this world. Dreams are meant to help our spirits become alive and heard and to guide ourselves first, and others to their own spirit and dreams in this life we live together! When the souls of this world begin living from inspiration (of God), then our world begins to rapidly change. And now, healers are being asked to rise and bring gifts forward during this transformative, earthly phenomena that have caused all of us to be a little more still and way out of our normal, everyday routines.

We are all still connected at the spirit and during the Full Moon of such a social sign as Libra, we are being thwarted into unconventional methods of bringing connectedness to our most intimate spaces. Consider how many souls will be connected when the best-case scenario of your vision and dream come to fruition. And as we are operating in the energy of this full moon, our release of the old patterns is a deeply sacred act and welcoming the rebirth of the new is inevitable and intentional. We began as tiny seedlings, which have now been watered and have built their strength (internal fortitude) beneath the earth’s surface to have enough power to finally push beyond the surface and grow into the sunlight! To grow in any direction of the spirit’s intentional choosing! What energy we have put in and work we have done to reach this point! This is our time of releasing and bringing forth our new life! It’s the Full Moon in Libra! Let us welcome together the release of the old and the rebirth of the new in us!

Join us on April 7, 2020, during the full moon in Libra!

Healer, Jere Ann Wagner of Guided Awakenings,, is a reiki master and intuitive reader that connects with planetary alignment and source energy to assist with releasing and rebirthing. Additional connections with spirit guides and intuitive information regarding your beautiful life and soul's path are provided to all participants! Check out the link and get your ticket and crystal pouch that comes with the class!

Tickets can be found here!

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