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Full Moon in Virgo Astrology Oracle & Meaning

Full Moon in Virgo scheduled for 3/18/22, paired with the energy of Pluto is ripe for self forgiveness and in turn, forgiveness of others. Transformation is associated with Pluto and paired with the modest and reliable Virgo, there are deeper emotional and past life patterns that are working their way out and onto the surface of this life now. Every human will have the opportunity to make their mark on this world if one desires taking inspired actions toward their dreams. You may be called upon now to widen your own view of how you will make your message and experiences known for others. Humans willing to express their life learning and experiences can cause a deep sense of personal empowerment in others. The Full Moon in Virgo may be calling for transformation in your own life so that moving out of mediocrity is your only choice.

Full Moon in Taurus is energetically aligned for triumph, transformation, and forgiveness.

Astrology Oracle Readings for Full Moon in Taurus


Routines are in place to a degree to create predictability and mastery in life. However, no is a time you may be called to switch up how you do life every day. Routines become habits and habits form the life we are now living inside. You may be feeling an extreme urgency to do something spontaneous and out of the norm. Something to shake things up a bit! This is your sign to forget about planning, and simply get in the car and drive toward an adventure. Once you do, there is an opportunity to gain the clarity you have been looking for around your big vision. Your dreams may appear closer than you think.


Desire for deep transformative love may be hitting your heart during the depths of this Full Moon in Taurus. Quite possibly, it will stir old memories of amazing love to activate the new precedent of what passionate relationships will look like and feel like in your own life presently. This time may also cause a recognition of the energy you now desire when in partnership with any human being. There is one certainty no matter if you are in a passionate relationship with a partner or a bonded relationship with your own child- authenticity will prevail. Now is a time where authentic love will be recognized and deep love and connection can be felt. Because of transformative Pluto energy partnering with the Full Moon in Virgo, you may even consider throwing out anything less than the new authentic standard that has been discovered within you during this moon cycle.


Family is changing and so are you. Any structure that once held this idea of "family"together in your own mindset will be called into a plot twist now. Now is a highly energetic time for forgiving your past as a new and powerful future will soon be ushered in. Family is defined and lived out the way our minds are able to conceptualize a family unit. Pluto paired with our Full Moon in Virgo is calling in a new perspective now. Life memories, realities, or events that physically change the way you see your own role within the structure of a family unit may transpire and the point of it all is to forgive, release, and grow from what this lineage has provided to you and the future of your own lineage. If tears or moments of silence and sadness enter as change begins to transpire, this is a sign that deep psychological changes have begun. The point? A new view of yourself is required for what your future self has in store. Your life is not over. In fact- it has just begun! When mindset begins to shift, so does one's entire world.


Tongue tied lately? Communication comes in may forms, yet the one we rely on most heavily is the verbal form of communicating with others. Now is a time where a consideration could be made to "put your money where your mouth is." In other words, "walk the walk now!" Talk less, show more. Times are changing and so are you. Inspired actions yield miracles. If perfectionism, out-dated habits, or a narrow vision of your own life has trapped you inside of the reality you are living within, now is the perfect time to shake up the world that has gotten used to you behaving this way. We are inside of the ripe energy of Full Moon in Virgo paired with transformative Pluto energy to go and learn something new that can create increased personal empowerment and a sense of freedom that can now be discovered!


Have you ever considered that the value you have placed on yourself yields the prosperity acquired in your own human existence? Full Moon in Virgo is the perfect time for a gut check about how you view yourself and the value you provide to the collective. Prosperity flows where positive energy goes, and now is the perfect time to shower yourself with love, heartfelt gratitude, and even a special, loving gift to remind yourself of your own infinite value. There is no price to mark your worth, and as the Pluto energy enters this Full Moon phase, your whole perspective of yourself will be called in for evaluation and reform. Your vessel was made for attracting prosperity of money, health, wealth, spirituality, and love. The first step is to realize that you are worthy.


Times are changing and so are you. This phase of your month could be fun as you begin clicking into a new identity or side of yourself. Maybe beginning with a new hairstyle or clothing style? Testing and discovering your own identity will be a fun energy of Full Moon in Virgo. What is really happening? During this full moon cycle, you will be recognizing that you may have permitted too much input and criticism from other people regarding your own life. You are now discovering how to have fun with yourself and also how to listen to yourself even more clearly. This can be done innocently through playing around with your own identity and style. Remember...what other people's opinions of your new ideas are for yourself, are really none of your business.


You are unexpectedly hitting a plot twist that may feel like it's changing everything now. A paradigm shift may be happening inside of you, which is calling in a whole new reality of how you see the world that you are living inside of now. Be gentle with yourself as you go. Change can be dark, messy, and equally liberating. As one thread is pulled, the fabric will separate. No need to begin again or with a new piece of fabric. Rather, a creative design that was not thought of before will now be in the works and maybe while incorporating the fabric that has just fallen apart. Sometimes things have to fall apart to be built in a way that is true and strong.


Your entire perspective of how to conduct and live life is beginning to change. It seems as though new in roads will be found with old methods you once used for communicating and connecting to people. You are an instant connector, and maximizing communication platforms will be key as your message for life is beginning to form. You have been through many life experiences worth writing about. Some, you may feel are too taboo to clarify, even in your personal diary. Yet, now is a time that all of these ideas may be coming together for and expression to the world. Listen carefully to your instincts. Your vessel is guiding the way and you will innately know how to begin once you hear the word clearly.


It is time to bust through old ceilings that only you have created over you in your own life. During Full Moon in Virgo, you are beginning to see how you can make your mark in the world you are living inside of today. You may begin to notice that your tiny actions are yielding enormous, profitably outcomes! That is because what you have done was not tiny at all. You chose to take inspired actions which are yielding unprecedented miracles in your own life! Keep listening and keep going. You are building incredible momentum. One thing, however...You may be turning into a creature of habit in terms of self sabotage. This is a reminder that you are absolutely worthy of the greatness you have acted upon. You have earned this exact moment of extreme happiness and contentment. Settle in and receive.


Self discovery may be sparking you even more deeply than you can remember happening before. You have come a long way and have lived through extensive learning experiences to reach this point, and now you may be searching for a deeper understanding and reason for it all. Your heavy and karmic early life may be transpiring a deeper connection with spiritual awakening now and especially during the Full Moon in Virgo. You may be "waking up" to new realities that were once difficult to face, yet now you are ready. Keep your eyes and third eye open, because spiritual downloads have increased opportunity of happening for you during this cycle of our full moon. Always remember that our experiences have created the amazing soul that lives within our vessels. During the full moon, honoring your own learning will be a beautiful ritual as clearing is prepared to take place.


Nothing is off limits now. What was once taboo, is now becoming fair game and ripe for conversation! Your whole person is coming out and coming to life! Your life is ripe for picking, and you may be feeling the temptation of picking all of the fruit at once. Simply remember to move in moderation. You are "new" to the harvest, yet what you are not realizing yet, is that you are beginning to grow fruitfully during all seasons of life now! No need to hoard it for a famine. You are beginning to discover your constant "sweet spot" of life! And that you should. You have walked through heavier moments than most could bare. Now you are reaping the benefits of a courageous warrior that is now able to enjoy the growth of what has been planted in the earlier seasons of life. Literally prepare to sit back and enjoy. This is how life was intended to be.


You are turning the conversation around now through your actions. You may be considering a love letter to your once called enemies. Your intuitive soul is deeply realizing that without playing the part they were destined to play in your life and world, you would not have found yourself in the blessings of your current day. You may be getting the urge to contact the people that have caused difficulty, dismay, and hurt in your life to heal your own vessel even more deeply. The truth is, that is perfect! Contact and connect with whomever you desire because the outcomes will cause forgiveness within your own heart. Forgiveness causes the heart to expand. You heart is your greatest super power and you can now consider it restored with your unconventional actions.

Rituals for the Full Moon in Virgo

Write a letter of gratitude to yourself.

Light a candle, hold your favorite self love crystal and begin writing a letter of gratitude from your future self to your present day self. What are you noticing that your future self is thanking you for today? Building deep appreciation for yourself yields an increased amount of worthiness. Worthiness increases potential blessings to occur in one's own life.

Create a New Growth Altar

Spring Equinox is just about to enter and all living dreams are ripe for increased growth now! Create a new arrangement on your altar or in your prayer room or corner. Add blessings of flowers, crystals, candles, and visions of anything that could spark the feeling of "being prepared to blossom!"

There is never one way to create an altar. This is a space for Spiritual connection and mindfulness. Create it your way.

Releasing Ritual

Like any other Full Moon, Full Moon in Taurus is ripe for releasing! Release with power what is worth getting rid of for good! Create a fire and toss in anything left lingering on your mind and in your heart. Then say, "I release this to Mother Earth for clearing and release!"

Crystal Suggestions for Full Moon in Virgo


Rhodochrosite the crystal of integration, spirit connectedness and connectedness to one's self. A beautiful heart opener, Rhodochrosite is perfect for the one opening to the soul's wisdom and gifts of expression through the heart with love.

Rhodochrosite encourages one to be gentle with self and others, especially after a heart break or loss. Assists with visiting and healing one's inner child to bring freedom and playfulness to one's life.

Fire Quartz

Fire Quartz is a crystal of confidence and building of one's self esteem. If you can dream, you can do it! Sometimes our eyes focus on what people are saying or thinking about us in the process. Fire quartz is a perfect gossip dispelling crystal that assists one with overcoming this mindset and focus!

Flower Agate

Flower Agate is the crystal of the dreamer! Flower agate assists with increasing one's own personal potential and with overcoming fear. Flower agate acts as a fertilizer for our intentions to grow and blossom!

Green Flower agate aids in growing one's prosperity and personal potential.

Crystals come to each of us in different seasons of our lives! Allow your vessel to guide you this full moon!


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