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Kunzite Crystal Healing Properties, Meaning, & Healing Power

Kunzite is a crystal of love, compassion, and emotional healing. Kunzite is often discovered by the one that has lived in a space and time where they have put themselves last for a long period of time. Kunzite assists the user to reignite internal love within one's self first, and then open to receive and give unconditional love. This powerful crystal is perfect for the one that is experiencing deep levels of grief and loss in his or her own life.

When the Lightworker Feels like a "Walk-in"

Kunzite assists deeply with the awakened Lightworker's journey! If a human vessel finds himself or herself experiencing difficulty with walking the human journey as designed, Kunzite is powerful for opening the walk-in's heart for accepting the Earthly mission that they have chosen for this lifetime. You were sent here for a light-based mission and may feel dark about the journey you are on currently. Kunzite may have found you just in time.

Calm the Chaos

Kunzite can also be called,"the chaos calmer," and lull people to sleep when feeling highly energetic. Perfect for children that have an increased amount of energy just before sleeping. Kunzite, paired with dimmed lighting beginning early in the evening can help to nurture the entire household into a more relaxed state for bedtime.

If you have experienced deception, hurt, or have been let down by others, Kunzite is a beautiful healing remedy for restoring trust in one's own heart space to be able to trust others once again.

Kunzite is also a crystal of energetic flow. Kunzite assists with aligning and opening the heart, and paired with fluorite,this powerful combo can bring harmonious energy into one's life for manifesting with precision and focus!

Kunzite is a powerful and amplified crystal of healing, love and strength when in partnership with Pyrite! Pyrite is a crystal of strength, courage, and propserity! With Kunzite and Pyrite in connection, this duo becomes the dynamic pairing for"the overcomer!"

Practical Facts

Kunzite was first discovered and named in 1902 by a gemstone specialist, George Kunz who was later appointed as Vice President of Tiffany and Company. Kunzite was first discovered in California while small amounts were discovered prior to 1902 in Connecticut. Today most Kunzite can be mined in Brazil, Afghanistan, and Argentina.

Kunzite increases in price and value with clarity of the gemstone.

Kunzite Affimations

"I am open to receiving love."

"I am worthy of taking up space."

"I am wonderfully created for my lightworker mission!"

"I am beyond enough!"

"I am priceless and my value is infinite."

"I am able to receive the love of all lifetimes!"

"I can do this!"

"I am an overcomer!"

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