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Lion's Gate Portal 8/8 Meaning & Next Steps

The Lion's Gate Portal is a powerful manifesting opening that with visualization and intentional focus, we can maximize the energy to also manifest what is meant for our current soul's journey for moving us along and fro moving into our purpose during our human journey here on Earth. The Lion's Gate Portal is happening during Leo Season and is activating the inner Leo in all of us! Whether you were born as a Leo in this life or not, The Lion's Gate is a time of harnessing confidence, strength, creativity, and creation!

The Lion's Gate Portal is opening and our intentional steps forward will be the greatest magic during this energetic opening! During the moments before the 8/8 portal opening, you may find yourself in deeper reflection of the past life you can remember living and there is a significant reason for that. It is time to say, "farewell, old friend." Think of it like a piggy back ride. As we step through this gateway, we must put down what we are carrying on our backs and in our energy to allow ourselves to step the whole way through. If we take the baggage with us, we have potential of manifesting even more of the baggage. As we move closer to the portal, we can engage in specific self-care routines that can assist with laying down what we carry as we move into the portal with clearer vessels for manifesting.

Self Care Routines to Plan for the Portal of 8/8

1. Bathe in Nature- Connect with it every chance you can. Take your lunch breaks in nature and grab an extra walk in nature today and in the days to come. Allow your vessel to take in the natural cleansing light of the sun and feel the breeze brushing the heavy energy off your auric field.

2. Running Water- find a bath of running water anywhere and cleanse the vessel as you listen for the “flow of God” in your life! Nature sounds actually cause the overactive mind to slow down for easier access to the meditation mind. Cleansing thought patterns is a beautiful way to open the crown chakra for deeper connection to spiritual guidance and one's highest self.

3. Plan Early- plan for tomorrow! Wake up and be intentional today and then set next step goals for increased motivation and inspiration for tomorrow! Success begins with planning your own life! Plan for the portal by choosing the optimum reality you are desiring! Clarity is queen, so use all senses to describe the transition through the portal.

4. Crystal Healing- Choose your crystal love before you leave for the day and remember what energy you care to hold throughout any and we mean any scenario that you may be walking through! The choice and power is ours and we have the ability to drive this energy with intentional planning.

5. Words Have Power-Say it with me: “I am worthy of living a full, free, intentional, and love-filled life!” Now say it again and again! How worthy do you feel of this statement? You may actually begin believing this if you continue to chant the positive affirmation. In fact- studies show we are magnets 🧲 and thoughts and words we use eventually become our actions and our new living patterns! So choose wisely today!

6. Eating Clean-Clean up food intake and down lots of water! Food is an easy comfort from the issues that plague our minds! Clean every meal up a bit today! Greens🥬 heighten vibration and energy and eating cleaner will help lighten the energy load! Cleanse the vessel with water so that energy can flow for letting go!

7. Intentional Prayer- Begin with a prayer, “I call upon the power of the Archangels to clear my vessel today and to align my being to only the purest, most natural energy! Assist me with releasing all that has been holding onto me and holding me back! Help me step through the portal of change and manifestation now! And so it is!”

Next Steps

Now is the perfect time to gather supplies and set a time and space to identify what you most desire manifesting! A few tools to help with this is:

1. A journal for writing to the center of your heart and deepest desires. Writing is a beautiful method for opening up to one's inner most desires and spirit. I love this TEDx talk by Dr. Melanie Obitz-Bukartek describing this process! She is a near, dear friend and helped me manifest with clarity through writing the business of Live True you see today!

2. Crystals for manifesting! Bring forward your selections for manifesting during the 8/8 portal. Make this personal and remember what one does may not be right and perfect for the next. Choose your own healing crystals for the portal! Trust your instincts!

3. Invite close family and friends to share in this experience. Only those hungry to move ahead with intention are the company one will want to keep with this energy.

4. Alcohol consumption can be at a minimum. The energy remains higher vibe with less alcohol intake!

As preparations are made for this manifesting portal of 8/8 Lion's Gate, remember to spend a little more time with yourself in silence than you normally would have at other times in your life. A breakthrough energy is upon us and it is our open invitation to walk through the portal of our own dreaming and making now.

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