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New Moon in Pisces Quick Dip

A quick read & guide to expanding on the energy of this beautiful, big-dreaming New Moon in Pisces!

New Moon Energy

The new moons of the months we walkthrough is an energetically enhanced time for "starting anew!"

Each new moon is paired with slightly different energy between the way the planets sit and also the sign that it is housed within.

This New Moon is housed in Pisces energy, with a direct, straightforward motion of any intention we put out there.

Pisces are a highly intuitive and sensitive sign that feels energy and intuition through their feet. They are known for "making fairytales come true." This new moon energy in Pisces is all about dreaming so big that it absolutely scares us! That's when we know it is for real and ready for our lives now!

A Checklist & Understanding for the New Moon in Pisces:

1. The Veil is Thinning: The veil between the physical and spiritual world will be thin at this time. Divine communication and spiritual gifts can and will be noticed if we are willing to listen and see them now.

Take Action: Notice the synchronicities that appear constantly. This is your divine guidance stepping in to help with getting you closer to your innermost desires and dreams!

2. Connection to the Passion Inside: Your inner voice is yearning to be heard and acted upon! Listen closely. Your soul is speaking about the learning you have walked through and the Spirit is wanting to guide you now.

Take Action: Journal 3 goals + Adventures you are passionate about pursuing today! Read them aloud on the New moon and light a candle to amplify your dreaming energy.

3. Prepare the Sacred Altar Space: Tonight, add the items that express the innermost passion inside and lay them upon your sacred altar or within the most sacred, personal space in your beautiful sanctuary. Show the soul that she is heard by taking action on this step.

Take Action: Create or add items that speak to your soul today. Whatever that is, be it a crystal, a photograph, a memory, a trinket, or something else, add it to your space now. This is a deliberate act that connects the physical world to the spiritual world that we can hear or feel yet cannot always see.

4. Open Up to Synchronicity and Angel, Spirit Guides Connections: They are speaking, let us listen. They are guiding us and showing us the way to the BIG, SCARY step out to the dream!

Take Action: Listen, Watch, Learn, and journal. Spirit will speak through your hands and eyes to help you see that you are not in this alone!

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S Phillips
S Phillips
14 mar 2021

You inspire me to aim for the stars!✨

Me gusta
Krista Layne
Krista Layne
10 may 2021
Contestando a

Thank God!

Me gusta
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