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New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus, May 4, 2019

New Moon is approaching Saturday, May 4, and the positive energy is already beginning to radiate. Now is the perfect time to plan for the sacred new moon rituals for intentionally living our best lives.

New Moon in Taurus.

A quick blurb about this New Moon, its position, and it what it means for us.

Now is the time to ground and focus, becoming steady in the vision of life. Taurus reminds us that slow and steady wins the race, and the whole point is to be stubbornly persistent when it comes to our visions.

During this New Moon cycle, Mars (planet of energy, ambition, and hardwork) will be opposite Jupiter (planet of adventure and travel) which creates an energy field of strength, courage, attraction, and a heightened sex appeal. Self-Confidence is just plain sexy, and with the energy of New Moon in Taurus, paired with Mars and Jupiter, a sexiness will come over us and an irrisistability will be felt. You may call it, “the ultimate attractor.”

That which we attract can change our pathways and open doors to welcome the new. Even if the hunger for new has been growling for some time, it will offer a change, which can provoke fear that may require taming.

With high, positive energy swirling, and the New Moon being a time of starting something new, transformation is just ahead.

Change can feel painful, simply because it is a new rhythm in comparison to the one that our bodies have become accustomed to. With transformation comes soul evolution and an up-leveling. We will be seen more than we are heard during this time. Talk is cheap, we are reminded, and the silence paired with our radiating beauty will attract new opportunities and awareness of personal potential as offers are made, and shifts are revealed.

Offerings will most certainly be ahead for all of those that learn and know to intentionally focus on drawing in that which is meant for us. The point now will be to ground, and remain steady in personal truth. Listen for the soul’s language and permit it to show what to say yes or no to in the coming days and weeks.

Things are shifting, and can transform with it, if we permit.

New Moon Rituals

A reminder now to schedule your rituals and hold true to the process of self-care.

*Journal with God and welcome in divine guidance through pen and onto paper.

*Clarify intentions. Intentional living directs energy onto a (more) focused and direct pathway. Otherwise, intentions become randomized and sporadic.

*Bathe in your healing salt bath. New Moon Live True Healing Salt Blend is created with Red Clover and Clary Sage to muster courage and invoke inspiration for creative adventures.

*Palo Santo your living space and lay Lavender on the window seals and near doorways to welcome a fresh perspective and also to protect the energy from anything the crosses the threshold.

*Salt the floors and absorb old energies and restore a fresh energy field to your living spaces.

*Plant a new herb or flower and set an intention into the soil as you cover its roots. Say a prayer thanking it for assisting your healing and next phase of your journey.

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