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Full Moon in Aquarius Meaning & Astrology Oracle

The Full Moon in Aquarius arriving on August 11, 2022 is setting the stage for less emotional response to our releasing at the full moon, which makes cutting ties, attachments, and cords more of a "must do" to move beyond and into our destined futures and allows the emotions to take a back seat for the transformation to work the whole way through.

As Yasmin Boland, author of the Moon Diary Journal 2022 explains,

"The full moon always brings intensity, but this time there's going to be even more pressure than usual because Saturn is involved...there could be rules imposed on you that you're none too happy about..."

And simultaneously, this could be a calculated energy of breaking the outdated rules that no longer serve our lives. As we acknowledge the energetic collision of the ego and the construct of systems formed to keep our collective in physical line, our energy is calling for a significant upgrade this week as we enter all of this transformational energy in the same month. Yasmin Boland continues by stating,

"...this lunation will see us all having evolved and learned lessons since this cycle started back in March 2020-around the time the first coronavirus lockdown began. It's also about endings and releasing. It's slow and steady and asks us to think about where we've come from and how far we've come." -Yasmin Boland, Moonology Diary 2022

We just walked through a multitude of energy during our August 2022, including the Lion's Gate Portal of 8/8, requesting we set down the long time baggage and indoctrination we have become accustomed to holding and conforming to within our lives. We are walking through gates to a new world within ourselves and discoveries will be made at a rapid pace moving ahead into the next year of life.

Full Moons are a perfect time for releasing and the Full Moon in Aquarius is no different, only this time, instead of whipping up a list of what one desires releasing, let us instead become the great creator of imagining our wildest dreams. The lovely and independent Aquarius is wild with ideas and imagination which can cause visions to be held and manifestation to take place at a rapid pace. Hold the vision of your favorite tomorrow steady in your mind and now write it to paper. Claim your vision by drawing pictures and giving it a visual representation!

Now, create a sacred ritual space for over the next moon cycle, holding your vision steady and true. Add your favorite crystals, the perfect smudge, and also photographs or trinkets that help to hold the vision steady, and ensure that Spirit remains at the center of all of your dreaming. Spirit is the most divine and infinite power. In fact, everlasting- lasting beyond a human's fatigue, the infinite Spirit within us and driving us will continue to carry us through this earthly moment and into the next.

Crystals for the Full Moon in Aquarius

Flower Agate

Snowflake Obsidian


"I call upon the angels to clear my vessel of Earthly and worldly chatter to assist my vessel with connecting deeply with Spirit during my time of dreaming and manifesting. Assist me in creating a close connection with my highest self and my highest level of love and intuition."

Smudge for the Full Moon in Aquarius

Astrology Oracles


Your social circles that you once found large and expansive may be trimming down considerably now. Partnerships you have made commitments to during a different season of your life may have begun packing their suitcases to exit your train during this next season of life. Not all energy is meant for the long haul, and we can thank the friends that stayed for this past season with us. Now it's time to move through the portal and develop and cultivate the deep Spiritual friendship speaking to us within and that may mean that out-dated relationships will need to exit in order to hear the divine message of what is coming for your one sacred life.


You may be finding an extra pull now to create more meaning and connection through the work you are committed to doing everyday. How are you making your mark on the world? This question may be ringing repeatedly in your mind and within your heart now. Be with yourself and ask your own soul this question. No partner or child can answer this for you. Only your quiet mind can receive this eternal answer. Quiet time with yourself is necessary for answering this burning question.


You are becoming keenly aware that there is a big world out there full of infinite amounts of knowledge you can acquire, yet you may find that you are no longer interested with scraping the surface of it all. You may be finding yourself on a deep quest of meaning for living during this full moon. All of the butterfly flitting tendencies will have been worth it because you acquired knowledge about a multitude of subject matter. Now, it is time that you are on a deep quest of self above all else now. You search for meaning could hit an all time high during the power of this August month and this full moon in Aquarius.


Money may be on the brain, but as any other physical representation of what we can manifest, please remember that your thoughts drive the power and force behind what our physical temples can do and acquire. This goes too in terms of emotions and our wellness. Provide ample time during this full moon for releasing rituals, because a chapter of life is closing out for you now and an energy upgrade is happening at a cellular level. The lineage is changing through your DNA upgrade that is occurring. This could cause sickness, fatigue, frustration, and worry. All will settle soon and this too shall pass.


Can you feel the love, Leo? If you can, but you have felt that it has been especially difficult to accept the amount of love offered to you, your energy is upgrading to express and accept the level of love that has been wanting to be a part of your life. You may have learned mechanisms over time to manage an exceptionally sensitive heart, but one mechanism that was never to be for long is to block the love that is being offered to you out. The full moon in Aquarius will want to tear down walls and let love live on in and infinite fashion now. Enjoy the rollercoaster. You will experience less ups and downs shortly.


It's time to audit the rules and routines you play and live by. Now is the time to look closely at your everyday life routines. These routines have created the house you now live within. How do you like it? Does it need cleaning? Organizing? Better management? This full moon in Aquarius is wanting to help with organizing your life better for deeper clarity about the next steps being offered during the month of September. Tune into Spirit as you begin some end of summer and fall cleaning!


You've put deep energy into your dreams and your next level of success and you may now feel a tug to tidy up relationships and amp up connections with your own children and family. Your life is becoming more whole daily and Libra, you are now realizing the same momentum can be built within your family and home life! Enjoy this time of nesting and creating a successful family life. It's perfect timing as a new school year is beginning and we are heading out of the time of summer and into the fall.


Home and family and all things wholesome are entering your world during the Full Moon in Aquarius. Keep in mind, this is your energy and your vision and may not fall in line with your partner's or anyone else in your family. Hold your vision and feelings close, but please be aware. What you want, let it be with you without expectation that others want the same feelings of warmth and family right now. Create in your own life and space ways you feel cared for and respected by your own self before demanding that from another. Self love and nurturing will come in hot during this full moon in Aquarius!


The sacred traveler within may want to take some quick trips and move out of the normal, everyday life and into a new reality during this full moon in Aquarius. You may be learning to have more fun in a spontaneous life! Study a few quick trips you could take to feel even more inspired to reach new goals and success levels into the coming months! December is feeling extra abundant for the Sag! Create opportunity to spark new energy now as you build momentum to move forward!


The sky is the limit. There is no end in sight for your financial gain. The only limits exist in your own mindset. Quit setting your mind up for limiting beliefs. Open the mind's eye now to the prosperity that wants to find you with hands wide open. Old family stories about negativity regarding wealth are ready for burning now. Spirit favors those that see their infinite God self potential. The full moon in Aquarius is asking to release the old wounds of scarcity and open now to prosperity.


Your appearance is shifting now and with the full moon in your sacred sign, you are becoming clearer, brighter, and more abundant than ever before. You may notice other taking instant attraction to you, almost like you are becoming a love magnet! Allow your body, mind, and Spirit to see your infinite nature now. You have earned this attractiveness that has come over you! You are more authentic now than ever and this full moon is favoring you for all that you have done to get to this point. You will need this energy for this next phase- embrace it fully and release those that attempt to hold you back or down play your new sparkle. It's called an authentic glow- we would all benefit by trying it on.


You may find yourself treading into the deep caverns and caves of you life now. Don't be scared now, this will only seem like it hurts a bit. Please remember, it will pass, yet the full moon in Aquarius is bringing this energy to you for a distinct reason. It is time for letting go and moving on and through! These old games, tricks, people, and relationships do not deserve a free ride through the portal with you, so you will be asked to lay them down now. Spend significant time releasing that which no longer serves your being now.

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