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Super Full Moon in Capricorn Meaning and Astrology Oracle

Before reading on, let us settle into the idea that when eruptions and explosions finally do happen, on the other side of the pain, turmoil, and temporary despair, we can finally awaken to our truest, authentic selves. We can see more clearly beyond the clearing of the explosion that just erupted. All to say, welcoming this Super Full Moon positioned in relationship to the transformational Pluto energy could promise an ego rearing and clearing of sorts.

If you have recently felt slapped in the face or in the middle of wanting to feel significant, noticed, and honored more than other humans are willing to give to you, the full moon in Capricorn may present a flaring of ego through the emotions that feel like abandonment, loneliness, victimhood, anger, sadness, and isolation for a few days.

This stirring and discomfort that is often promised by the gifts of changing tides, transformation, and deaths of ego can cause great revelation and portals that open to vast vistas and views into the infinite possibilities which is your own life! Thank. you, Pluto for so intentionally entering our moon cycle of living now! As we ease into this energy together, we can pique our awareness to the importance of detoxing, decluttering, and cleaning out the pieces of our lives we have stuffed away until another time. The time is now to bring those pieces out for honoring, loving, leaving, clearing and cleansing.

As the moon energy unfolds, let us remember the power of writing to access our inner soul space that has been persistently attempting to be heard! I learned deeper knowledge of this type of writing through Dr. Melanie Obitz-Bukartek and the work she helped me with clarifying my own business of Live True beyond me first great awakening cycle within my life.

Another ritual that may be useful in handling the ego rampage that may flare during our full moon in Capricorn is to literally "clean house!" Put to work your organizational side to clear and declutter the energy that has been tucked away into the corners of your life for far too long. Grab a stick of Palo Santo or Lavender Sage and cleanse the final pieces lingering to hold back your own progress and life.

cleansing and meditating
Cleansing and organizing can cause the brain to slow down for entering a meditative state.

As you settle into your own energy and events in your life at this time, we (Spirit and I) have crafted an Oracle reading for your astrology sign during the Full Moon in Capricorn. Allow your vessel to accept only the truth with the words and forgo all other points that are not resonating with your energy now!

Astrology Oracle Readings


You are beginning to open doors and new discoveries that provide you insight to the ways your pure giftedness and truth will be coming out to the world now. If you have issues that are needing to be faced in order to operate at your maximum level and potential, you will be called to face those now. What's on the other side of the door you are closing is a noticeable window that you can now open!


Is your head hurting from banging it against the wall for far too long? Please consider planning only FOR YOURSELF and your deep dreaming now! For far too long you have gone along with the dreams of another, yet now your Spirit is opening wide to your deepest inspiration and your maximum energy. Your dreams cannot be shared with another because you may have energy suckers in your life that only allow for their light to glow. Times are changing now. Your inner light wants to live and this is a time of complete rebirth and for your "coming out" party!


Let's face it, you have settled with areas of your life that have gone ignored because if you look too closely, you could feel an instant wave of sickness. You may be embracing energy that will have to pull those hidden skeletons out of your closet. Be careful. You like attention (even if you do not admit to it) and all eyes are on you as you become fully developed in your authenticity by facing the dormant dead spots in your life. Once this closet has been opened, your attractiveness and potential will go unmatched because you will be shining with glow of truth and light.


You are facing all the pieces you have once told a tale about to be able to live on into your lifetime. Soul contracts will begin revealing ultimate and unshakeable truths. There is no hiding the truth away any longer. The blessing that comes with the light that can be shed during times of transformation is that it provides the soul the blessing of moving on. When energy demonstrates healing, more healing connections are welcomed in. Now is the time to clear the sick partnerships that have required the medicine of being fully extracted and laid to rest. Now may be the perfect time to let go.


Your daily life is going through a complete overhaul and uplevel in energy. But first, it is time to take inventory of what you secretly and passively give your time away to. Every subtle thought or engagement with "dead air" can cause the rest of the day to become side tracked along with it. Dead air can be thoughts and regrets of the past, feelings that others have not acknowledged your existence in a while, or ideas that people should be calling or connecting more often. The point is that now is the perfect time to quit giving time and energy away to what is already dead. It is time to release, renew and move on into the energy that has been long awaiting you. Inventory your thoughts, routines, and current life as you may feel a spinning that could end in complete burning down of the old to build what is newly coming in during August!


Go wild! It's time now to permit pleasure and all that is satisfying into your life! Now is a beautiful energy of playfulness and producing new awareness of what lights you up with happiness and energy! Others may feel disturbed by your new lease on life and that could cause a dark stirring. This will be a deliberate choice of pleasure with self or pleasing the ego of others! Both may be challenging for you, yet this energy that is rolling in is requesting you attend to your passions sooner rather than later. The one that dies with passion has truly lived.


Dark moments may have surfaced recently within your own family and you are finding reason to focus in on living and loving together and with great purpose and connection. The connection and love of family is the perfect medicine now and with the energy of the full moon rolling in! Spend 1:1 time with a family member that may have lost his/her way for a moment. The darkness could get darker as this time is intended to transform that which is no longer working into a light of hope and renewal. Partnership and connection can help all vessels walk through uncertain times such as this.


Communication is becoming the focus between your family and yourself. The only problem is that messages that feel as though they are coming from he heart, are being interpreted as something other than authentic. In fact, frustration could be built fast and furious when the road to hell was paved in good intentions. Calm and treat this time like Mercury Retrograde. Relax in the feelings that are coming forward and journal them through first before moving beyond this moment. The time will come where the truth of your feelings can be authentically shown and represented.


The game of money and financial growth is one that you are dying to tackle and figure out at the space and time! You may be auditing the way you have lived life and gained financial stability and wealth to this point. Remember, that which comes to the light out of the darkness has the ability to be healed and transformed into something never considered and also that which grows financial abundance within your own life and the life of others! Get ready! Right after the storm, you will see and experience tremendous strength and light!


It's time now to release splurging and over consumption and take a deep dive into getting to know yourself once again. Spend moments listening to yourself as you decide which is the favorite fabric you like to have on your skin. Listen to your body when it is asking for certain foods to be introduced into your diet. Consider and appreciate a blanket that you deem as your favorite when you cozy up with it and yourself at the end of a long working day. Now is the time to listen, honor and love your body as you connect with it on a deeper level.


Please do not feel too scared, the darkness you are seeing is simply a picture of the things you have pushed away and hidden for all this time. Your skeletons are coming way our of your closet now and no one can be blamed or responsible for wrangling the beasts within but you. Now is the time to call upon the powerful Archangel Michael for assistance and protection. Your spirituality will begin deepening after this moon phase. Hang in there! You have all of the strength to walk through this final unleveling until you reach the clearing you have been praying and waiting for! Your strength and courage will be noticed and honored. Can you make a point of honoring yourself also?


Friendships are dying off in an attempt to welcome new partnerships. This time may find you in a period of some sadness as small and larger goodbyes are said to those you have spent pieces of your life with. However, you must clear out and make room for divine developments that are happening in the space where you have cleared and healed. Until then, allow yourself to cry and heal as you say your final goodbyes. More hello's are right around the corner and a life you could not even imagine is awaiting you!

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